A life lesson

A life lesson

Parents need to invest more time in their children because they represent the future generation. In the modern world, we are all working tirelessly to make a living and forget to live a life. Why work day and night, have so much wealth whereas you children are unknowingly making bad decisions due to lack of the parents support guidelines? The following story taught me a great life lesson.

Donald was 20 years old when he met my father. He had graduated from an excellent high school with a 2.75GPA and above average SAT marks. When he joined a prominent University in the south, his problems started almost immediately. They manifested themselves fully in his Second semester when he scored a 1.15GPA. He was suspended from the University as a result, and his parents decide to buy him a home from where he will attend a local college. To their disbelief the failure was repetitive, and that is when Donald’s parents took him to my father.

Initially, Donald’s parents thought that their son had poor learning skills and that he needed a learning strategy, but they were wrong. The case turned out to be opposite of what they were thinking. He was a gentle young man and very sociable and would get along well with all types of friends. His parents being big business people pushed their son to achieve the best, but unfortunately, they never gave their son a chance to choose what he wanted to do in life. As a result, there was immense pressure on him to do nothing less but succeed in life.

It is necessary to take into account all factors when evaluating a failure condition. Donald was a bright student with good academic skills since he was passing exams earlier before he started failing. MY father after a close assessment realized that Donald carried a load of stress. My father and Donald formed a very strong bond, and he was able to make discoveries on what was affecting Donald. He realized that Donald was not opening up to his strict parents.

As time passed, my father realized that Donald had a lot of pressure and stress weighing him down. Donald underestimated the dire effects as a result. It became clearer after much talks that he had problems deciding his career paths and to make matters worse; he had no one to open up on what his interests were and discussed the issue with. As a result, he had become so silent in school and never got attention from his teachers. Donald opened up that he had never done career guidance and survey of the courses he would want to major in. My father arranged for career exploration, and Donald will be able to look for the career choices of his own. He was pleased and enjoyed the process; it was a shock to their parents when they learned that their son had stress which was retarding his performance.

When a student performs poorly, there are usually many factors that come into play such as poor motivation and depression due to pressure from parents and teachers. It is necessary to figure out the real cause so that finding the solution also becomes easy. There are also parents factors, and the most common one is the way parents react to failure. In Donald’s case, his parents allowed him to take the lead since they believed that it was his fault. Parents often give up on their children when they continually fail in classes.

With Donald and his parents having new insights about career and college choices, my father knew it was the best time to revisit the idea of rejoining college. The parents and their son would now look at the idea of college from the same dimension. Earlier they had used a poor strategy without consultation from their former high school, but now it was time to make wise and joint decisions. They looked for the best colleges, and Donald settled for one, with a firm plan and determination he registered for classes.

In the summer of 2014 semester, Donald re-started classes in a wisely picked private college in New York. He had a very strong support plan and also my father’s services in handy. Unbelievably, Donald scored a 3.10 GPA in his first semester and an amazing 3.45 GPA during the second semester! His family was delighted to see such results after spending so much on his tuition and also mentorship.

As a result of employing an inclusive approach that included the full involvement of both parents, identifying problems accurately, cooperation and strategic planning, my father was able to bring Donald back to his tracks towards achieving his goals. The vital lesson this story teaches is that parents need to be close to their children especially when it is time to choose career paths. Failure to do that, children will end up making mistakes that will require much time to resolve.

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