A Summarized Digital Marketing Plan

A Summarized Digital Marketing Plan


Digital marketing is in the process of navigating through the most noteworthy developments that it was not able to encounter previously. Central to this matter is the increased accessibility to consumer data (Ryan, 2014). Despite the size of data accessed by businesses, this presents a critical opportunity for the business environment. This is because businesses are now able to access and acquire unprecedented insight on their particular consumers. However, this process brings about various encumbrances such as identifying the most viable methods of accessing, analyzing, optimizing as well as applying acquired insights from voluminous data (Ryan, 2014). For this reason, it is critical to execute a digital marketing plan that deeply understands the landscapes of possibilities as well as business capabilities for magnificent results. The paper will highlight a digital marketing plan that is capable to spur growth whilst considering competitors for any business.

Digital Marketing Options

There should be a sufficient promotional budget during the simulation process when engaging in digital marketing. This can only be achieved after identifying the type of target audience as content marketing varies between B2B and B2C (Ryan, 2014). Reaching my target audience in an engaging and meaningful way is only possible if I am able to understand their distinctions. For instance, when creating content for the B2B consumers I will only have to use 85% content during the process of brand building. Essentially, it means that if the target consumers are able to recognize my brand’s name, I will have to lessen the cost of undertaking the initial research stage.  On the other hand, B2C content mainly considers critical goals such as cost effectiveness as well as establishing exclusivity.

Digital Media Impacts

Additional media options are likely to influence my promotional plan after building a brand enhancing, attractive, and functioning as well as customer joy inducing content. At this point, it is important to ensure that my brand is getting traffic with positive micro-outcomes (Ryan, 2014). However, this can only be lasting and successful, if I am able to differentiate my brand from other competitors by way of developing irrational loyalty from consumers. In addition to websites, mobiles have also proved to cause large impacts as far as search marketing is concerned (Dudovskiy, 2017). Despite the fact that there is a danger in the responsiveness of mobiles, which are on higher resolution screens there are still many consumers who are still using laptops, desktops as well as tablet devices. The best way of achieving impact therefore is utilizing approaches of adaptive mobile designs.

Digital Media Types and Options

There are myriad digital options and types that I may be obliged to choose from. However, since my focus is to have wider readership and traffic, I would opt for YouTube and Facebook. These most effective social media platforms are able to attract wide consumers due to various factors. According to Dudovskiy (2017), Facebook and YouTube are platforms able to inform, entertain and provide utility to most consumers as compared to other social media sites. This is besides snapchat and instagram social media platforms that are becoming popular whilst aligning themselves to changing business demands.

Real-world data of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has created an excellent website with a viable display strategy. This has resulted to achieving successful brand marketing to its various consumers while attracting new ones every day (Dudovskiy, 2017).  This website has a complete consumer understanding that has resulted to complete spectrum coverage. Moreover, various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter as well as YouTube are sites where consumers freely interact or offer feedback (Dudoskiy, 2017).


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