Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is a renowned figure in the German political arena. He was Nazi’s political leader and chancellor in the 1930’s. The Nazi party was based on a totalitarian system of governance where authority from the constitution and parliament was not recognized


The occurrence of the great depression in Europe paved the way for Adolf Hitler into power. The people placed their faith in the Nazi and communist parties in eliminating democracy as it served to weaken and demean authority. Weimar’s difficulty in solving the economic issue initiated loss of faith from the public and enhanced Adolf’s rise into power. Adolf aimed to restore economic welfare in the region and to enhance employment in the state


The high population of European Jews also enticed Hitler to seize power. The Nazi party layout policies which were racist and anti-Semitic. The party laid blame on the Jews for all misfortunes that befell the Germans.[3] They believed that the Jews were the backstabbers and had led to German’s defeat in the First World War. Adolf Hitler authorized the death of more than five million people in camps during his reign in Germany both Jews and slaves.

Hitler’s entry into power was not based on public welfare but rather from political greed and thirst for power. A dictatorship characterized his political reign. He overthrew all other parties and killed many innocent civilians. His reasons for power were not valid but only sentiments to allure the masses to his side. He only surrounded himself with those leaders who effected coercion and dictatorship in their governance and eliminated those who sort to embrace democracy and sympathy.[4]

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