Advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana to treat medical illness

Advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana to treat medical illness

Fundamental advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana to treat medical illness

Some of the advantages of using marijuana as medication are that marijuana can be used to relieve chronic pains in patients, control vomiting and nausea (Wilkinson, Yarnell, Radhakrishnan, Ball & D’Souza, 2016). Some of the patients with chronic illness such as cancer could benefit in using marijuana as a medication as it can ease the pain. In most cases, patients using cannabinoids either through smoking or the ingested pills register improved immune functions and also gain weight (Wilkinsonet al., 2016).

On the other hand, some of the disadvantages associated with using marijuana as medication are reduced balance and coordination, impairment of thinking and also lowering the problem-solving skills (Wilkinsonet al., 2016). Marijuana mediations also lead to heart attack risk as well as increase the risk of chronic coughs and respiratory infections if used for a long period (Wilkinsonet al., 2016). The continuous use of marijuana drugs could also reduce sexual capacity and production of male hormones.

A position on healthcare organizations using marijuana to treat medical illness

I feel the negative implications of using marijuana as a medication outdoes the advantages. It, therefore, means that the medical team could come up with other drugs that could function the same way but with lower effects on the patients such that we do not cure a disease by causing another. I, therefore, feel that marijuana should not be promoted as a medication. Most of the mental illnesses are in one way or another linked to drugs. Marijuana is addictive and therefore patients that use the drug more often can become addicted and therefore hard to stop when they are healed. The increased consumption could also lead to mental issues as well as impaired judgment in patients, therefore, lowering their functionality.

Ways in which terrorists obtain financial backing to support their terrorist activities

Charities are one of the ways terrorists use to obtain their financial backing (Keshavarz, 2015). It is obtained from wealthy individuals and organizations with ill motives. Many terrorist groups also operate front companies which are legitimate (Keshavarz, 2015). These companies are used to generate profits which are directed to financing their terrorist activities. The companies could also be used for money laundering and therefore increasing their finance base. A good example is Osama who owned retail honey shops in Middle-East and Pakistan. Another major source is illicit activities like drug trade some the level of profit from such activities are high.

A tactic that local law enforcement agencies could take to prevent terrorist financing overall

One of the tactics that the enforcement agencies could use to prevent terrorist financing is tracking huge financial transactions from the source to the receiver and noting their use. The act could reduce the chances of diverting the finances to terrorist acts as one would have to be accountable for such. The tactic could also be prevented by ensuring that all the businesses are legitimate and that they have business operation permits. The act can also ensure that illegal activities like drug deals reduce and that people participate in productive and healthy businesses. A good example is ensuring that major companies disclose their financial transactions and use to the stakeholders such that any amount in and out of the organization can be tracked and accounted for.


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