advocacy strategies

Identify advocacy strategies that you can use to create change in your current workplace

Nurses main challenge is airing their grievances and having them heard in the medical facilities as well as the medical forums that push for change in the medical sector.  One of the advocacy strategies that I can push for in my workplace is having a proper representation of nurses in the medical forums. This can be through electing of nurse representative or ensuring that the Clinical Nurse Leader. This would make sure that the grievances, as well as the recommendations of the nurses, are aired and considered when making some of the major medical facilities decisions.

Another strategy that is critical is ensuring that the patients waiting time and also the quality of care offered to the patients are of high quality (Tomajan, 2012). This acts as an advantage to both the patients and the medical facility as patient’s main focus is receiving the best medical care at a convenient time. The medical facility, on the other hand, gets a chance to become highly competitive in the healthcare industry through the provision of the best medical care services to the patients.

I would also push for reduced healthcare cost for the patients. Most of the time patients are faced with financial constraints especially the low-income earners and therefore making it difficult for them to afford the medical bills. The health insurance companies, on the other hand, have escalated their premiums and therefore making it hard for tee patients to receive the best medical care at the right time (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).

Implementation of the strategies mentioned above could streamline or bring change in my medical facility as these are the major challenges that are encountered there. Also maintaining them would also ensure that the medical center gains customer trust and therefore increasing its market scope. This would end up gaining patients trust and loyalty and thus grow the medical facility.


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