Affordable Health Care

Affordable Health Care

After considering the information in this week’s instructor guidance and readings, I have selected the research topic Affordable Health Care. The minorities and the low-income earners have no full access to high-quality health care. Affordable care act was developed to help the people who could not cope with the rising cost of healthcare in the United States (In Abernathy, 2014). Privatization and commercializing the health sector has made it difficult for people from minority groups to afford insurance policies and medical bills and therefore leading to deterioration of their health status. Health is a basic need, and therefore any discrimination or barriers that exist are against the law, and all the people have the right to access high-quality health care from the medical centers at any time (Haugen & Musser, 2012).

            After reviewing the library tutorials, I have identified ten keywords for my research, which are Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, epidemiology, health disparities, quality care, healthy people 2020, healthcare budget, chronic diseases and Managed care. These words have full coverage of healthcare and how the government has strategized to ensure that peoples health is budgeted and catered for in the national budget and therefore promoting quality health care in the medical facilities.

            With my argument and basic research plan in mind, my working thesis statement is: Affordable health care is vital as the technological advancements, and economic growth has made health care expenses for the minorities and the low income earners unbearable, the government has developed the Medicare, Medicaid and other organization that are aimed at making health care affordable through considering the health sector goals and the disparities in the healthcare industry. The thesis statement has been developed through incorporation of the entire topic under consideration in the healthcare industry and the effects they have on the national health budget in comparison with other nations all over the world.

            After reading the course materials, I have questions about the keyword usage. Are they supposed to be used to develop the literature review in chapter two of the research paper or are they used to develop the research methodology in chapter three? I feel that the keyword act as a proper guideline in the research but I feel they can be applied in coming up with both chapter two and chapter three.


Haugen, D. M., & Musser, S. (2012). Health care. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press.

In Abernathy, S. R. (2014). The affordable care act: Developments and considerations.


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