AIDS Activism

                                   AIDS Activism

                             Partners in Health Group

`Partners in Health activists group discussed in the article, has goals such as offerring health care services to the poor people who have HIV and other infectious illnesses. It is situated in Boston but has branches in America and Africa. They deal with women mostly, since its the gender that is most affected. Pregnant women are tested, and prevention measures are taken so that the children born are HIV free. Among their goals is fighting poverty so the people can get out of despair, provide and take care of their needs. Benefits like food, accommodation, and money are provided to ensure that treatment is not avoided.  The group gets its finances from whites’ wealth and donations from people. Poor regions are benefited as the first, and they are served through the door-to-door basis. Sexuality is considered where homosexuality refers to unexplained sexual contact in the whites and the middle-class people who are males. Oppressive and the moral weather of South Africa do not support the sexuality institutions particularly when sodomy is illegal. While in the USA the organizations have been fully developed and with time, information is flowing, and sexuality is considered (Biehl, 2007).

                   Policies Hoped to be accomplished

Evidence describes that patients who are actively engaged in the experience about the health care, changes to become better and costs incurred are low.  Therefore, many public and private institutions are employing strategies so that patients are involved example in informing them of their conditions and involving them in decision making in issues concerning their care. Therefore, patients training and engagement are one of the policies that partners in health group are striving to accomplish. Patient engagement will help in triple aim, better health outcomes, improved patient care and reduced costs.  The modern care is very complicated, and the patients suffer to get, understand, communicate and comprehend the necessary information about their health and services. They are illiterate about their medical conditions, and this makes it difficult for them to take care of themselves and follow the prescriptions given on how to take medicine. They want the patients to have a direct care where they are informed about the conditions and given a chance to express their take on the treatment.  The patients will therefore make decisions about the health evidence and clinical judgment. (Butterfoss, 2007).

                        Significance of the Group

The team provides intensive health care to people in the developing world mostly Haiti and Africa by initiating and managing hospitals, health points and region health employees. However, it is not entirely recommended to the donors since its ability to cater for additional funding, and the outcome of the treatment does not match with the other charity groups.  The team treats conditions like malaria, respiratory involved illnesses, Aids and intestinal parasites.  Apart from that, they give services like food aid, the building of shelters, school fees paying, protects the water sources, start income generating programs and training people on small businesses. It is confident that the group’s services are improving medical services that have been of very poor quality. The quality of its recent progress should be evident but sadly, about its condom distribution and agricultural assistance initiatives are not seen therefore many outsiders have spent time on its sites.


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