Ain’t I a Woman?

Ain’t I a Woman?”

Sojourner Truth delivered a speech, “Ain’t I a woman.” It advocates for women’s rights, especially women of color. The address is used to change the mind of men and show the importance of the women in the society (Mobley, 2015). Also racial and gender discrimination is revealed as well as voice acknowledgment and injustice.

Central Theme

The major theme of this speech is injustice. Gin the speech, Sojourner Truth has revealed injustice in the whole speech. First, injustice is portrayed between man and a woman. Men and females are not given equal chances in the society (Mobley, 2015). For instance, women are not accorded opportunities to vote, or in political positions, Sojourner Truth answers this by asking maybe whether it is because Jesus Christ was not a woman.

She continues and says that if a female was not there, who could be the mother of Jesus? It is clear then a woman must be involved to make the world complete. Secondly, injustice is shown between races. Sojourner Truth explains that whites are favored and blacks discriminated (Mobley, 2015). She is advocating for equal rights regardless of the races. Furthermore, she is demanding for voice acknowledgment on both areas race and gender.


Sojourner Truth explains the term intersectionality in two perspectives, race and gender. It is in her speech that women are discriminated and not given equal rights with men. She is not being a feminist but it is clear that males are favored and given more powers than women (Mobley, 2015). Sojourner Truth shows racial discrimination where African Americans are denied voting rights and subjected to hard labor relative to whites.

Conclusively, racial and gender discrimination is revealed. Justice is needed to ensure peace and harmony in our societies.


Mobley, S. M. (2015). Truth, Sojourner (1797-1883). The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, 1-3. doi:10.1002/9781118663202.wberen424

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