Analyze the meaning, describing how you would check students’ understanding.

On the next page is a typical text that you might get students to read in class. It contains some useful language.
Look at the items from the text in the box below. Choose two of the grammar structures and two of the items of lexis and for each of them do the following:
• analyse the meaning, describing how you would check students’ understanding. Use concept checking questions and some other clarification techniques if necessary, e.g. timelines, personalisation.
• highlight the form
• highlight key pronunciation features
• focus on appropriacy where necessary
• anticipate problems that students might have with meaning, form, pronunciation and appropriacy and suggest solutions. The solutions for problems with meaning could include some of the same techniques you used to analyse meaning, e.g. concept checking questions, timelines and personalisation
• state which references you have used to help you in your analysis.

Please, use as many sources as you need.
1. …everything that has happened to us during the day. (grammar)
2. We can put off sleeping for a limited period. (lexis)
3. …but sooner or later we have to sleep. (grammar)
4. …we suffer hallucinations, and eventually die. (lexis)
5. …the unpleasant symptoms we suffer (lexis)
6. If scientists invented a pill which, if you took it, would keep you awake for ever, would you take it? (grammar)

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