Animal farm is a true evidence of how art truly mimics life. It is a symbolic representation of the real world back in the 20th century. George Orwell the, author of the book ,originated his source from the actions that led to the Russian revolution of 1917.He uses animal characters to channel his thoughts through making symbolic representations of animals which prove to be effective and efficient for the readers. The prevailing ambiguity of all time is how the common people are met with a violent form of a ruling which is misguidedly depicted to us as Democracy and self-governance. Politics is a broad subject described in this book as well.

Thesis Statement

Orwell a result of the grand depression and a student of political affairs himself enlightens on political issues in the simplest manner one can imagine. This book is relevant to our lives since it stirs our minds up with questions towards the government and its several effects on humanity. It’s a book for those that are intrigued by politics but finds it complex to understand as it uses a much simple language. Animal Farm employs personification to depict real-life autocrats using the animals in the story. Orwell conveys an essential idea on the process of doctrinal corruption that has always occurred all through the novel (Shigeru, 638).


Reading about George Orwell and his drive to writing the novel Animal Farm shows his take on socialism promulgated by Stalin in Russia. So despite the fact that the fairy-tale was derived from his dislike for socialism or communism, it still strongly holds today because of the characters and behaviors in the narrative. It would still be found to be appealing even if it is put in another dissimilar form of policy as democracy, republic or monarchy (Middendorp 543).

Orwell has done a barely credible work of making diverse animals similar to different humans characteristically. One can think of Snowball, the pig, as a truthful, inventive and ardent leader .Napoleon, the pig, too would be thought to be egotistic. Squealer, another pig, would be seen as bright and highly influential speaker. Boxer, the horse, is viewed as an obedient hard-worker. Benjamin, the donkey, would be a casual and mysterious character and finally cats as extremely cunning

The fact that humans having the same characteristics as the animals created by Orwell can be found outside in the world today and this has made his tale relevant. Humans as trustful and good as Snowball and as dishonest and sly as Napoleon would be found. As bright orators as Squealer and as hard-working and easy to fool as Boxer would as well be found.

It is this correspondence with the political setting of the world that appeals to most people.

The work of fiction remains significant to the current society since there are still some leaders who cannot embrace power with no inducement to misuse it. This is without consideration on how good the leaders’ original motivations had been. We are taken back by the famed line that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Beauchamp and Frey 62). Corruption by political leaders is not restricted to those in authoritarianism. We are globally delimited by scandals at all times about fund embezzlement, misuse of authority and manipulation of words to go well with the situation

Language abuse done during the rule of Napoleon in Animal Farm is a dynamic threat today. Globally, speech by political leaders is designed, polished and distinguished in a manner that hides a language’s ordinary meaning. This could be untrue in some places at some times but there is a distinctive predisposition to own a language in a way that is offensive. This leads to bewilderment and deceitfulness while smoothing the progress of a possible corruption. This is not a scheme but a language view wherein we observe from Animal Farm that speech can be employed to mask in addition to being used to enlighten or expose (Middendorp 543).

The parable by Orwell is a criticism pointing at Stalin’s rule in the U.S.S.R. and   is applicable these days as long as dictators are still present in some nations of the world (Shigeru, 638). Still, in a democratic system there exist leaders who are hungry for power.  Paying attention and studying the present world’s news bulletins refreshes the memories of what Orwell condemned without a doubt.

This story remains to be significant in the present day. Living securely in a democratic system can not be a sign of absence of   totalitarian rule all through the world.  It should be noted that just because the nation states have revolts does not necessarily imply that democratic systems or governmental organizations that guard human rights will be set up.  They are just as prone to replacing one totalitarian regime with another which is a deadly practice.

In general, this narrative is a lampoon of politicians, predominantly centering on their public speaking and their capability to control others. Once they get some authority they have a compelling tendency to get more. Napoleon is openly said to be having philanthropic motives, nonetheless, the clarity that he is an individual who is greedy for power .He covers up his expedient acts with the plea that he is simply doing them for the farm’s sake. An example of this is when Napoleon takes apples and milk and then states that pigs require the nutrients present in these foodstuff to perform their administrative duties. The disclosure that Snowball was a conspirator explains the reasons for his deletion from power. Language manipulation frequently contravenes The Seven Commandments and on every occasion that the farm is disadvantaged by it, Snowball is the one who becomes the prime suspect and is hence accused of these. Evidently, the conclusion of the narrative reveals the tendency of allegedly taking up praiseworthy thoughts to be originating from peoples enemies who have an intention to selfishly improve their lives. Regrettably, to prove that this is factual, one has to look at the total number of autocrats in the world.

China, North Korea, and Cuba serve as a proof that Animal farm is still relevant to date. China has progressed much healthier, but this is only in direct proportion to their creating of markets taking the form of a free venture. The rise of Alibaba would have been unheard of in the strictly communist China of years past. North Korea has remained to be communist, but it appears that the nation is struggling with the communism power. They maintain a very firm seizes on their media, nonconforming voices, and everything perceived as a danger to their form of government. Taking an example of the risk one is involved in to be a Christian in North Korea which is rated as the greatest persecutor of Christians. Cuba military as well is under the communist ruling but has continued to struggle under the weight of this political system. The soldiers would have possibly failed under that weight a long time ago, had it not gained support for decades.

It can be argued that Animal Farm was more significant at the time of its publication because a failure of communism was not broadly known then. This way, it was at the forefront of its point in time. This is mainly because it forecasted on some of the means that this political scheme was to become unsuccessful. Currently, it is known all over the whole world that communist governments have not only  failed to prosper but  they have also  had to employ cruelty, ruling out of nonconforming voices and even restraining liberty to even keep hold of power. This has made Animal Farm more of a historic commentary than a politic commentary, possibly making it slightly less direct, if not less significant.


All these illustrations are evidence of Orwell’s precision in his novel; hence it becomes insincere to allege that it is now less significant. In spite of everything, a bigger proportion of the world has called on to his way of thinking. For that reason, I remain with my contention that it is possibly less direct, but at least as significant. The book talks about a timeless definite pattern of behavior. The society can by no means be identical and those in command as well regards them as greater than the rest even if they cry for impartiality


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