annotated bibliography

What topic are you considering for your critical annotated bibliography? In other words, on what general area of interest are you going to locate 12 scholarly articles?

My topic will be how technological advancements have helped solve cases in the police department. Being a police officer, I have gone through various technological transition stages, and I have keenly noted the effects or rather the benefits it has had on solving cases in the police department as well as streamlining the security issues in the Nation.

Find one article for your annotated bibliography using the tips mentioned in the tutorial.  Then list the source in APA format and write your summary/critique of 150-200 words.

Nunn, S. (2001). Police information technology: Assessing the effects of computerization on urban police functions. Public Administration Review61(2), 221-234.

The article states that the municipal police agencies are one of the major users of information technology. It, therefore, puts the need to learn about the computerization of the police operations. The article analyzes the computerization of 188 municipal police agencies in 1993 in cities that had 100,000 populations and above. The article examined the relationship between computer hardware, police functions, and police file computerization and categorized into the low, medium and high-level cities. Some of the sections greatly emphasized upon are the management, administration, as well as the crime evidence section. The cities with high computerization have high employee’s technological positions. This is seen as a way of reducing criminal levels and stabilizing the economy as people become more productive and therefore boosting the level of production. The system also sees a reduction of the money spent in trailing criminal cases and thus allocating the cash in other activities which promote the cities productivity. The article is helpful as it assesses how computerization of the police operations benefit it or rather streamline its police operations and the benefits that this has in the city and the nation at large.

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