Appeals of Christianity and Islam

Appeals of Christianity and Islam

Christianity, as well as Islam, arose in the same cultural as well as geographic setting: West Asia. Considerably they drew their traditions from the regions ancient culture. The old tradition that was adopted in Christianity and Islam was from the Jewish and Judaism people. However, the Jewish people were dispersed it survived in both of its profound influence as well as their right in developing Christianity together with I slam. Christianity was the first to be drawn up with more contribution from death as well as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to Christian belief, His death together with resurrection was the center of the epic of Christian religion since it gave them a promise of life after death to those who have faith (“Islam and Christianity,”  67).

On the other side, five hundred years later Islam was founded by prophet Muhammad. Islam means submission to the will of God. Islam believers recognize Jesus as a prophet. They also believed that Muhammad was the chosen one of God. He is commonly known as Allah (“Islam and Christianity,” 69).

Christianity and Islam was a prothelytizing religion in nature. That has they tried the conversion of others into their beliefs. Islam and Christianity were patronized by several rulers and were entangled in politics of states in the south, east, and southeast of Asia. In contrast, Christianity, as well as Islam, tends to shape the government that was in their support and also propagated them. For instance, Christianity was promoted and influenced by Roman Emperor such as Byzantine Empire. On the other side, Islam provided the laws by which government ruled the empires and also provides justification for conquest. In their bid to spread Christianity and Islam to West Asia, Europe, and Africa they interacted with other beliefs as well as the culture that was later adopted and absorbed in their religion (“Islam and Christianity,”  72). Therefore, the rise of Christianity is an attribute to political support of Islam and Christianity in the form of empires.


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