Applied Organizational Behavior Mode

Applied Organizational Behavior Mode

Why The Organization was Chosen

Trump’s business organization was chosen for this particular study because of its success in various business dealings, mostly in real estate. According to Forbe’s estimate made in February 2017, the net worth of this organization is $3.5 billion (Dorell, 2017). The organization becomes an ideal case study due to negative allegations that call for organizational change as well as theories that are under discussion. Donald Trump, his organization as well as business partners have been accused of committing business dealing with wealthy Russians and oligarchs belonging to former Soviet Republics, with the main aim of expanding his real estate business developments (Belias, 2014). The business dealings have raised eyebrows because most of his business partners have been alleged to belong to organized crimes. This is according to government and legal documents that have been reviewed by USA Today (Dorell, 2017). In addition, further information that confirmed such allegations was retrieved from a former federal prosecutor.

The allegations present a need for organizational change with the aim of changing public perceptions and protecting the organization’s reputation. Therefore, managers in Trump’s organization are tasked with the responsibility of effecting change by employing the best strategies. Managerial leaders are therefore forced to create or develop an effective course of action that will implement organizational change (Belas, 2014). This organization and its problems are critical factors that convince the members of Trump’s organization on the great need for change. The new idea or vision for the organization’s reputation must be transformed into a viable strategy with a plan and goals that need to be achieved. A strategy is an important tool for effecting change since it is able to provide a road map that offers a particular direction that will be able to save the organization’s reputation, as well as identifying any obstacles and strategies of overcoming the impediments (Fernandez & Rainy, 2006). This will help the organization in avoiding confusing as well as unrelated directives or activities throughout the process of change.

Identification of the Organization and its Problems

President Trump and his business organization have been linked to many former wealthy Soviet business executives with alleged connections to money laundering and organized criminal activities. For instance, one of the members who were responsible for the development of Trump SoHo Hotel located in New York was confirmed to be a twice-convicted felon who spent a year in jail for stabbing a man and was responsible for scouting Trump’s investments in Russia. In addition, authorities in Belgium convicted another one of Trump’s investors for a $55 million money laundering (Dorell, 2017). The vices are among the few allegations that have connected Trump’s organization with negative publicity and called for FBI investigations. This is in regards to possible connection between Trump’s presidency and the Russian operatives who might have meddled in United State’s presidential elections.

It is important to note that this particular organization’s woes presents yet another problem fixated on its readiness to change. This is because the process of readiness to change is viewed as a multi-faceted or a multi-level construct (Weiner, 2009). This means that the organizational members need to have shared resolve and collective capability in changing their organizational reputation. However, this process will wholly depend on how much its member’s appraise key determinants such as resource availability, task demand and the situational factors (Weiner, 2009). Moreover, the organizational change will also depend on how much its member’s value change in the long run.


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