APRN Issue

Additional Resource:
Complete a 3 page paper
• Compare the state of Texas to another state of your choice in the terms of APRN regulation in ONE of the following issues.
• Delegated Authority
• Practice Location
• APN owned practice
• Prescriptive authority
• Student expectations
• Professional/graduate level paper
• APA format
• 3-5 scholarly references
• Organization/Format: Narrative
• Paper specifics

• Provide a Definition statement regarding the issue that you are discussing
• Review the state to state comparison: narrative
• Provide pros/cons of each state, from your interpretation of the regulation influence on the APN practice
• Could you find any discussion on a plan to change the regulatory status/pending bills that might influence the state, if no information was available the provide a brief discussion how/where you searched?
• Discuss one key point that may be applicable to your future practice.
• Provide your opinion on which state might offer more opportunity for your future practice and WHY.

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