Architecture relates to the works of art that seek to facilitate the process and products of planning, construction and design of physical structures and buildings. According to Gale research (2005) architectural works are in material form and involves erection of buildings that are perceived as cultural symbols in the art perspective (Gale research, 397). The author observes that physical structures are composed of general terms that forms their descriptive identity based on their style of design, method of construction among other technologies applied in the construction process of the physical structures (Gale research, 477). Similarly, Gale research (2008) observes that architecture relates to the design and form of planning, space social environment, technical and aesthetic aspects. Therefore, architecture seek to ensure that creativity is manipulated to facilitate the coordination of materials and technologies required to construct a structure to reduce conflicting requirements such as resemblance (Gale research, 577). Architecture thus encompasses pragmatic realization of structures including their cost estimation and administration construction. Warren, Carl, Reeve, and Fess (2005) asserts that documentation of plans, drawings and technical specifications are crucial aspects that determines the structure, behavior and the kind of a system that requires to be constructed. this paper, therefore, seek to critically compare and contrast the St. Mary’s seminar (chapel and original compound) at 9845 memorial drive and big three industries building at 3535 west 12th avenue architecture based on their origin, material and date, culture and their visual quality among other features.

Notably, St. Mary’s seminar (chapel and original compound) at 9845 memorial drive is a theolage existing spiritual, personal and academic preparation of people for the priesthood position. St Mary’s seminar therefore seek to ensure that men’s spiritual growth is enhanced to develop them as leaders that desire to serve as priests through their demonstration of competence, willingness and effectiveness in their ministry. On the other hand, the big three industries building at 3535 west is an active distributor of natural gas that has been designed by Kamrath the founder of the company in its headquarters that came in his career. According to Warren, Carl, Reeve, and Fess (2005) the big three industries building at 3535 west drew its inspiration from the Frank Lloyd wright unity temple that is situated at Oak Park (Warren, Carl, Reeve, and Fess, 551). The author observes that the building is constructed entirely by cast concrete that reinforce the structure. Moreover, the author stats that the interior of the big three industries building is extensively remodeled to meet the organizations requirements.

St. Mary’s seminar is composed of the fusion of the catholic faith tradition as well as the modern technology that facilitates its top consideration of the most top of line engineering structure that form an attractive chapel for visitors all over the world based on religious spectrum. Moreover, due to its inspiration from the cross architecture of the cathedral emphasis on both the vertical and the horizontal consideration facilitates its uplifting view that was enhanced by the incorporation of the new technology. The cathedral is situated at the san fransisco citty that is created on an upward structure that reaches 190 feet with four corners that meet in a cross. Further, the cathedral is erected on a large piece of land that covers over 255 squire feet that is as well crowned with a 55 foot tall golden cross that forms its apex. Furthermore, due to its catholic traditional roots, the cathedral is a crucial form of art that is designed with a stained glass that travels in its four sides of the structure with its four lines of glass changing direction running horizontally and create a cross with a designed mosaic pattern that is made of glass. Further, the structure is enhanced by a colorful light of floods through windows that are meant to remind the catholic believers of their obligations to commit t the work of God on their daily lives. The cathedral is also enhanced with more artwork that hangs above its alter composed of kinetic sculpture that is suspended fifteen stories above the ground that is facilitated by the use of gold wires.

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