Argument Essay

Essay 3: Argument Essay
“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” –Desmond Tutu
“Without contraries there is no progression.” –William Blake

Purpose: Write an essay that takes a clearly defined position on an issue. Make sure you take a position upon which reasonable people may disagree. Use at least two sources from the Chaffey Library databases to support your position and respond to possible objections.

Audience: At the most literal level, your audience for this piece will be your classmates and instructor. However, you should try to write a piece that engages and interests a wide readership. You should also take into account whether or not your audience is likely to be hostile, friendly, or ambivalent to your position, as that will change the way you write your essay.

Tone: The most important thing to remember when writing an argument essay is that tone matters. Cultivate a tone of respect. Remember, you are trying to persuade those who may disagree with you. While a passionate tone is desirable, avoid name calling or word choice that would alienate or offend your readers.

What you’ll be practicing:
-Reading and understanding arguments -Synthesizing others’ arguments
-Choosing convincing support for your argument -Responding to objections to your position -Strategically organizing your argument -Maintaining a passionate but civil tone
Things to keep in mind:
-Be sure that your position on the issue is clear
-You should have a position upon which reasonable people may disagree -Cultivate a tone of civility and respect
-Respond to the most relevant and pressing objections to your argument
-Balance your voice with outside sources

Source Requirement: You must include at least two sources from the Chaffey
Library databases or holdings. You are allowed to use other sources as well, but you must have two from our library.
A last word of advice: Be extremely careful when choosing a topic for this essay. Make sure that it appropriately narrow and be sure that you can respect those who may hold differing views. Beware of topics like abortion, the death penalty and euthanasia, topics which, all too often, students treat too generally or superficially to add any insight into their chosen posit

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