Assessing Families and Children

Assessing Families and Children

Different scholars have defined family and roles of the family differently. A family is as a group of individuals consisting of father, mother, and children linked by blood or adoption.

Effects of personal definition of family and role of the family on assessment of child and child’s family

The different definition of a family may influence the evaluation of a child and the child’s family. Myriad factors such as child’s safety, risks related to future maltreatment, and parental care capacity must be assessed on that basis (Adams, 2012). Due to different personal definitions, the assessment done does not gather the information thoroughly to enable the practitioner help the family and children required.

Impacts of culture of personal definer of family and family role on assessment of child and child’s family

Different societies have different cultures. Individual provider of the definition of the family and the roles of the family affects the culture of the community because the definition given is derived from his or her society. According to Adams (2012), members of the family perform different roles. In some families, the tasks carried out by mother is conducted by husband in other families.

Strategies used by provider to assist families with making decisions related to health

All members of the family are prone to diseases. As a result, they need strategies which could guide them in making health-related decisions. Three of the strategies are; enlightening the parents on the regular checkups, hygiene maintenance and taking balance diet meals (Adams, 2012). The stages are affected when assessing different families. For instance, low-income families may not make to take balanced diet.

Conclusively, families are different, and the roles are performed differently. Definition of a family should be based on the family in question.


Adams, R. (2012). Assessment and Intervention in Work with Children in Need. Working with Children and Families, 261-273. doi:10.1007/978-0-230-34434-1_25


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