Attachement Theory

Introduction (short, first paragraph, on first page), which normally included an attention grabber, a thesis, and a mapping statement. I will give examples in class. • Conclusion (short, last paragraph, on last page), which includes a summary, and conclusion/implication (the “so what” or “insight” or “next steps”). These papers are reflections, not literature reviews. However, it still helps to conclude with a larger meaning—beyond summary. I will give you latitude as to what that meaning is. • Formatting: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. o Double spaced o Times New Roman o 12 point font o 1 inch margins1) define the theory; 2) state if the theory fits or does not fit your family of origin (the one you were raised in); 3) give an example of how it relates or does not relate to your family. Theories/definitions: ( put definitions into own words) 1.Attachment theory: Early childhood experience with caregiver(s) shape psychological attachment styles.

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