Banner Healthcare

Banner Healthcare

Banner Healthcare is a United States healthcare system which operates in several specialized facilities in six states and also in 28 hospitals (Hensing, 2008). The system has employed around 50,000 employees and is mostly storing in Arizona (Hensing, 2008). The organization provides hospital care, emergency, long-term patients care and home care for its patients, outpatient’s surgery, rehabilitation, laboratory services and hospice. Banner healthcare was created in the year 1999 through the merger of Samaritan health system in Phoenix, and Lutheran health systems based in North Dakota (Hensing, 2008). The organization also operates a Medicare advantage insurance plan. The organization built the three most important original cancer centres in the United States. Banner healthcare believes in the accurate and easy understanding of healthcare information by the patients and therefore helping them make some of the healthcare decisions for themselves and their families (Hensing, 2008). The organization has also greatly helped in heart cases, reduction of mortality rate, increased patients safety, handling pneumonia cases, surgical care and other critical health conditions.

Readiness of banner healthcare to address futures healthcare

The banner healthcare organization has shown its efforts in dealing with the current and the future healthcare issues through setting up of the numerous medical facilities across the nation. The mission of the organization acts as a guide, and that is providing excellent patients care to improve community’s healthcare and save lives through effective programs and services that directly gear the healthcare service providers in the right direction. The organization has employed comprehensiveness and universal systems which have provides a general protocol in healthcare management, innovation technology, transformations, crisis intervention as well as spiritual, medical care for their patients which has ensured that there is consistency in healthcare delivery for the patients. The organization has also integrated other healing strategies for the patients for the psychological support and this include, massage, music, aromatherapy and peats a way of emotionally supporting their patients.

Strategic plan that addresses issues about network growth

The technological advancements and economic development have encouraged expansion of the healthcare industry (Sethi, 2009). This has also driven Banner healthcare organization to expand and have improved and sophisticated healthcare technological advancements, the organization, has also heavily invested in research and development t and therefore providing a solution to some complex health conditions like heart problems and cancer issues. The services administration to its patients has also increased efficiency and therefore reducing the time taken to cater or attend to patients. This has significantly contributed to reduced mortality rate and therefore has a positive effect on the healthcare industry. To maintain the competitive nature and the position in the health industry banner healthcare has also improved the services it offers to the general public as well as ensuring that the corporate social responsibility it has to the community is directly fact by the community. This has made the community gain trust with the organization and therefore enabling them to maintain customer loyalty something that has guaranteed the organization a continuous positive trend in the society. The organization also has linked with other organization and invested in innovation and making sure that the individuals working in the organization are offered a chance to go outside the box and come innovative generating medium mechanisms and technologies that are meant to make the medical operations and services delivery by the organization easy. The rivals or the competitive nature of the healthy sector has acted as a pace setter and therefore enabling the organization to stretch its services and guarantee the patients the best as a way of maintaining the relationship. The health sector has been improved mostly by the privatization and therefore acting as a threat to other healthcare facilities. This has made them pull up their socks and therefore work even harder to keep up the pace.

Nurse staffing

Nurse staffing has been a challenge in the most medical organization and therefore acting as the greatest contributor to work conflict due to overworking or the present nurses. The nurse patient’s ratio is not achieved in most facilities, and this has stretched the operation of the nurses and therefore making it harder to maintain the effectiveness of their services (The United States, 2003). The banner organization has helped the nurses through educating them and offering them internship and employment position in some of its branches. This has helped in boosting the knowledge as per the advancing healthcare technology and therefore making sure that the patients get the best medical services from the technically able nurses.

Resource management in banner healthcare

Banner healthcare organization has invested heavily in knowledge promotion for their workers and therefore making sure that they are equipped with the current technological trends in the healthcare industry. The organization has provided for many job vacancies for medical personnel and therefore reducing the pressure in the job market. The organization has managed to build medical facilities across different states through assessing the health care demand in those countries and therefore bridging the gap. This has been an advantage to the healthcare industry as they can reduce the effects of some of the chronic conditions and therefore reducing the long run health care cost.

Patient satisfaction in banner healthcare

Banner healthcare organization has taken e-connect very seriously as a means of promoting patient’s information and creating awareness. This has through providing online help and tips for their patients and therefore helping make some of their health decision for themselves and their families. E-connect was setup by the banner organization, and this has provided a platform where the nurses and the medical team can discuss issues regarding their health and get proper and timely advice. The follow-up for the patients by the organization has also greatly contributed towards ensuring that the treatment methods employees are effective. This has also helped in providing feedback which has been greatly helpful in the development of the programs and services as the needs of the customers are catered for. The payment system for the patients has also been nullified with banner healthcare system disbursement plan which allows patients to make payments after services have been delivered (Hensing, 2008). The developed disbursement has no interest charges to the clients and therefore reducing the burden on them at the end. The banner healthcare information management system has also helped the patients access their health information and manage it easily (Burdick, Hensing, Kirkman-Liff, Nenaber, Silverman & Simington, 2007). This has helped them note their health trend and therefore take effective measures in treatment. The prevention measures have also been affected as patients can follow their health records and know the diseases that are likely to affect them and therefore enabling them to make effective health divisions before they get to such points.


Banner healthcare organization has been one of the contributors to the revolutionizing of the health sector as it has concentrated on solving some of the complex health issues like heart conditions and cancer cases. The chronic diseases greatly constrain the health care budget, and they have become a global health problem. Coming up with strategies to resolve the chronic diseases issues have made the banner healthcare spread its wings and open healthcare outlets and collaborate with other organizations in ensuring that it tackles people health issues and therefore promote the health status of the community. Banner healthcare has also worked in line with the healthy people 2020 program whose main aim is to promote of healthcare awareness and reduction of the healthcare issues in the community.


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