Beauty in common

Beauty in common

Beauty is an attribute that originates from an animal, object, idea, place or place or person which gives a perception of experience regarding satisfaction or pleasure derived (Perkins & George, 4). It is a field of study that has branches such as aesthetics, culture, sociology, philosophy and social psychology. Therefore desired beauty is what is possessed widely in a particular culture that is intertwined to perfection. An experience with beauty is achieved when the interpretation that is balanced and a sense of harmony with nature hence a feeling of attraction among human being. Therefore beauty is relative, and its experience is subjective. That is why we here of the common phrase that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is evident that the approach people have towards beauty is subject to evolutionary determination. Therefore beauty is common through the rare part is about the outlook and energy on life. It raises the question, what one has that enables me to be attracted to another individual other than the face in a crowd.

Nature is described by Emerson as he sought to answer the question on what place man takes in life (Lothstein & Brodrick, 45). Throughout his extensive study he finds out that nature is divided into eight parts that attribute to the beauty of collective. This attributes includes:

Nature is described to be an experience of solitude and to exemplify this he notes that an individual can want to be alone by looking into the stars since they inspire through a sense of respect due to their inaccessibility. Also, if the stars could appear once in a blue moon after a thousand years, people would not have had the experience to adore or believe in the beauty through remembrance in different generations. He also insists on the importance that links man to nature. He states that when you experience with nature one is delighted and sorrows go away. Therefore there is a connection between nature and man that creates harmony between the two. He adds that due the association with nature there is relationship with the integral side of God.  People should utilize the pleasure derived with quality in different consideration since it wears the color of spirit (Lothstein & Brodrick, 60).

Beauty as a standard in addition is characterized by the commodity, and that’s why nature is a perfect fit for man. Emerson illustrates nature is the vision of something that is alive, and it is found in the surrounding of man which is their servant. Hence vision is complementary of nature as the commodity. Emerson points out that every part is profit making side in mans daily life. He further illustrates this by implying that the wind enables seed to be dispersed while the sun causes evaporation in the sea. On the other hand, wind can blow vapor across the fields on one side of the planets while the other side rain is condensed into ice. Another scenario occurs when plants feed the animal and the rain provides water for the plant hence an endless dependence in nature (Rothstein & Brodrick, 67).

Emerson also looks as beauty into three elements. These features include beauty as a relief of man as pleasure got from the natural forms. Beauty is also a mark God sets upon virtue this is evident from his romantic explanation on the phenomenon. According to Lothstein and Brodrick, (70) another aspect of beauty is illustrated through the object of intellect for example production on the art gives a sense of light to the human mystery. His perception of beauty is similar to the Greeks that correlate with truth, goodness as well as beauty as pointed out by Plato.

Another approach through which vision is standard as per Emerson’s ideology is Language. This is because language is the way the man uses nature to sub-serve. On his view, he illustrates that natural facts is a sign that generated by words. For example, the right has a meaning of straight while wrong gives a sense of twisted. In comparison, the language develops a symbolism as in poetry (Cairns, 28).

Discipline is also another factor that attributes to beauty. All events in nature are lessons which the soul can have a spiritual experience. Discipline is capacity that dictates one’s action on some key principals. For instance, a plowman is guided by the principle attributed to a given subject to make his work achievable by following some consistency in nature (Cairns, 45). Hence man has to get inspiration on their moral being as well as have the principle that guides them into nature such as inertia. Idealism is another aspect that generates from the discipline of life that brings beauty into being since ideas are only realized when we have them executed. Like other philosophers, Emerson believes that we have to question nature to have the testimony of its secrets to the society.

Emerson also opposes Christian view of nature through his idealism. His consideration is not based on misery or curse but it is at man’s service. This is indifferent from Christianity way as described by chronological development after the fall of Adam as well as Eve where God cursed the ground to punish man by toiling all his life to harvest the fruits of their labor (Perkins, 89).

The prospect of Emerson concerning common beauty is built on man’s spiritually by the new vision of nature. For example, US become the first country to preserve nature in open National parks. It attributes to the American vision of nature. Hence to them, they believed that virgin space in life is a state of wildness (Perkins, 102). This attribute on Emerson’s thought is a benefit of nature to the human soul and that is why nature helps us to be free of daily worries. For example, he says that they will never relent as long as they can predict the future.

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