Behaviour Modification and Cognitive Learning Research Paper

Description: What processes enable learning? Provide a strong theoretical argument for demonstrating how behaviour modification compares with cognitive processes of learning giving up to three examples of each process in context of your family norms and values, e.g.: punishment and reward for duties and responsibilities in the home.
Discuss the processes that enable learning incorporating the following:
 _Provide practical examples from family life.
 _Conduct research into how behaviour modification and cognitive processes of learning are used to reinforce appropriate individual and group behaviour in the family.
 _Demonstrate your understanding of different forms of learning in the cycle of human development.

General requirements for essays
 _Make sure you are certain of what is required of you and that you have a good understanding of the topic being addressed.
 _Have a clear, logical and well-argued presentation of ideas.
 _Write in a simple, clear and concise manner.
 _Punctuate appropriately and check spelling.
 _Engage academically and analytically with the themes and concepts of the essay in a coherent and original manner.
 _Use theory and terminology appropriately.
 _Follow APA style and the writing guidelines and structures it provides. Also ensure you have an introduction,
main body of information, conclusion and reference list.

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