Bin Laden

Bin Laden

Focusing on the future, Obama’s message explains that America will remain vigilant in the battle against al Qaeda, despite Osama’s death. He believes that working with allies around the globe will contribute greatly towards the elimination of the al Qaeda. To affirm unity, Obama states that the United States has no intention of being at war with the Muslims.

Americans and Pakistanis will celebrate the day Osama was killed in future, and mark it as a historic day. According to remarks by the President on Osama Bin Laden (2011), May 2).Americans will not stop at any one-time and entertain threat to national security, especially if citizens are being murdered. He promises Americans that he will contribute towards helping them remain true to their values. His message to the families of those affected by Osama’s attack is one of hope. He states that they will remain committed to ensuring that another attack is prevented. The future of Americans is based on the belief that they can achieve what they wish provided they set their minds to it.

Leon shows that the memories of those who lost their lives will remain with Americans. He states that they will be an inspiration in every event that America intends to carry out. He shows preparedness in the war against al Qaeda whom they expect to avenge Osama’s death.

Leon exhibits that America has a bright future by telling them that the fact that Osama bin Laden is dead should be a source of comfort to human beings on the globe. It should be a source of encouragement to families who cry over the victims of the wickedness of the al Qaida. He states that the same way evil doesn’t rest, goodness will not rest. This is an indication that American team will ensure that goodness is a process that American government will pursue even in future.

Obama’s speech was one of victory. At the beginning of his speech, he indicates success in conducting an operation resulting to Osama’s death as he was responsible for ending many lives.

Victory is also evident since he states that great moves to bring disruption to terrorist attacks. He explains that the military has worked tirelessly to ensure that the moves are made. They ensured that Taliban government was gotten rid of since they encouraged al Qaeda and Osama.  Americans have worked closely with allies to ensure that terrorists have been captured.

Following his presidency, Obama gave directives that the capture of Obama becomes a priority as they act to dismantle his disruptive activities. Once Obama was given a lead on Obama’s whereabouts, his team worked for many months to ensure that they found out the exact location of Obama which was inside a deep compound. It is after this that the operation against Osama commenced.

Victory is also evident in that no Americans were murdered during the operation and no civilian casualties were experienced. Obama claims that the death of Osama is among the greatest achievements America has made an effort to defeat al Qaeda. Justice has been served to people who lost their loved ones during the attack by Osama.

Leon’s speech was that of victory. He acknowledges the achievement in getting rid of the world’s most infamous terrorist. He is grateful that no lives were lost during the operation. He congratulates officers who are involved in countering terrorism for their expertise and excellence. He acknowledges the skills of the strike team who contributed to the triumph.

Leon’s tone of victory further affirms people of the United States that although terrorist groups will work towards avenging the death of their leader, the American military team will stay vigilant and avoid any possible threats to peace.  According to Message from the Director: Justice Done — Central Intelligence Agency (2013, April 29), he states that the blow they have struck against the enemy is heavy in conquering the only leader who possessed a very hateful vision. Motivation brought to him by victory enhances his statement that every one of the terrorists will be brought to justice.

In my opinion, the death of Osama decreased terrorism fear among the US citizens. . Americans have become very optimistic about the security offered by the U.S military (Scheuer, 2012). The fact that United States government waged a raid that involved culmination of very intensive efforts by agency officers for several years shows commitment to enhancing national security.

The killing of Osama is a source of hope to the American people who now believe that the war against terrorism in the United States is possible. All that is required is unity among people working to fight the terrorists.

The killing of Osama was a huge loss to the al Qaeda group since it cost them a leader who was very charismatic and had good communication strategies. The successor of Osama, al-Zawahiri, has the experience and necessary ability required to take his place in leading al Qaeda (Hoffman, 2014). He, however, lacks the kind of moral authority and ability to motivate as exhibited by Osama. After Osama’s death, Zawahiri developed the fear of communication. He believes it is a risky business for any terrorist leaders to conduct. Zawahiri had minimized the number of video and audio messages to half as much when compared to the number of messages he used to send before the raid on Abbottabad took place.

Osama did not encourage relationships that went beyond his control. He never liked to carry out franchises in operations carried out by al Qaeda. Zawahiri has taken a different course on that which decentralizes operations of Jihadist enterprises. The survival of the organization places its dependence on allies based in Afghanistan, its affiliates and its ability to bring inspiration into homegrown terrorists.

The killing of Bin Laden has made the al Qaeda vow to avenge the death of Osama. There has however not been any attacked waged against the United States since the year 2011. Local Jihadist have established terrorist plots, but besides getting inspiration from exhortations by al Qaeda via the internet, direct links to al Qaeda have not been established (Byman,2013). Al Qaeda poses a minimal threat today, since the killing of Bin Laden. Islamic states have emerged, and they are found declaring an attack on behalf of al Qaeda.


In conclusion, the death of Osama has increased hope for the Americans who pursue peace. Following the destruction that Osama caused in September 2011, news of his death brought relief and showed progress on the war against terrorism. The future of America’s war against terrorism is bright considering that it has a strong, organized and skillful military force. Although not all terrorist groups were weakened by the death of Osama, the al Qaeda has since been weakened since it was forced to change its leadership. The current leadership is not as strong and the fact that fear is already instilled in them, they are less likely to wage any attacks.


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