Black Sunday and Controversial Counterterrorism

Black Sunday and Controversial Counterterrorism

The effectiveness of the Black September group in achieving its intended goals as a group

Black September was a Palestine terrorist group that was so active in the 1970s. The name came after a massacre that happened in 1970 when the king of Jordan declared a military rule which leads a massive killing of thousands of Palestinians. The primary goal of the group was revenge for the death of the Palestinians who died and avenging the death of Abu Ali who was previously their leader. In 1971 the team carried out its first violence attack through the assassination of Jordan Prime Minister Wasif al-Tali (Reeve, 2011).  The group also attempted to assassinate King Hussein in 1971. Through many of their attacks, the team was determined to alter the political stability of the Middle East. Nevertheless, the group was involved in holding members of Israeli as a hostage in September 1972 during the Munich Olympics. It afterward made the country to be at war with Israel who later on unleashed attacks on the group.

Analysis of the Black September attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics

The day of terror during the 1972 Munich attack began at around dawn when members of the Black September group surrounded the Olympic village. They used stolen keys and forced their way into the area where the Israeli team was sleeping. Through the skirmishes of entering they killed the then referee of wrestling. They also mutilated a weightlifter in apartment one and held nine Israelis, hostage. I would say that the attack was successful for the terrorists since they contained it and no one of them was injured (Reeve, 2011).   The counter-terrorism organizations should, therefore, learn about precautionary strategies of such attacks in such places. They should bring up a multifaceted body which monitors everything that happens in such events. It would include surveillance system together with surveillance personnel like spies to ensure that every unit of security is monitored. If the organization had a surveillance system, it would have been easy for them to contain the situation and a lot of death would not have occurred.

How counterterrorism policies are often considered controversial

Counterterrorism policies have grown to be considered controversial due to the policies that they have been making. Some of the tactics that they have been using are not in concurrent with laws and have not by any chance made them successful in their missions (Reeve, 2011).   The tactics include enhanced interrogation, preventive detention, ethnic profiling. Some of the tactics might play a vital role in curbing terrorism in the region while others have become an essential point on which most of the personnel dealing with it end up losing their lives. I would agree that counterterrorism tactics such as ambushing the opponents are best to use when the counter-terrorism organization has enough information about their opponents. In the recent years through the development of technology terrorists have advanced their ways of striking attacks such as through biological attacks. Therefore, there should be a very vigilant team on deducing some of the methods through intelligence of what terrorists are planning

Controversial counterterrorism tactic that Israel currently utilizes.

Israel has been facing several terror attacks which have caused loss of lives, and due to that fact, the government of Israel had to come up with methods to counter the terrorism which was rising over time. The primary approach that the organization used is to destabilize the terror groups which will prevent them from compromising its national security. The most controversial tactic they use was the creation of Special Forces which had the mandate of fighting terrorism violently. The used to detain some of the terrorists while failing to present them in court to face charges (Crelinsten, 2013).  Some of the instances they even executed the suspected terrorists who drew attention from all over their region. However, regardless of how violent their methods were, sometimes, it is the best method to use for such a group of people who compromise the security of millions of citizens.


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