Body language

Body language

The body language comprises of the nonverbal behaviors that an individual can employ in communication. The body language helps in effectively conveying the information to other people and contribute to evaluating how other people judge us and how we judge them. The video describes the body postures that a person can assume to accomplish the tasks efficiently including giving a speech. The video gives the different posing and explains their importance to people. The idea also includes giving the importance of body posing and the impacts that they are likely to have to people. The video work to explain the how body language shape who a person is.

The advice by Cuddy is important because it helps to explain the various technique to apply in using body language to convey information. The information can assist in understanding how other people see us through application our body language. The advice can help me in increasing the chances of success in any place including during the interviews. Having the right pose. Furthermore, the information can assist in understanding the behavior of other people that can help in making the appropriate judgment that can help to evaluating people who I can be able to work with. The advice also can help because it gives ways of how to make a person confident, therefore, getting the attention of other people and ensuring that the information I would wish to convey gets to the target audience effectively. Her advice help to understand the expression we can use to express intimate feelings that include laughing to show happiness, and this can contribute to learning the feelings of other people and how to make a person powerful.

How power-posing techniques Ann describes benefit a candidate during a job interview

The posing technique outlined in the video can help a candidate during the interview gain confidence, therefore, translating to his or her success. Power posing helps in changing the mind that can play a pivotal role by preparing a candidate to face the interviewing people in a manner that show adequate preparation that can lead to the success. Power posing also benefits the candidates by enabling them to practice effectively before taking part in the interview. Appropriate training through power posing can help the candidate to be in a position to express himself or herself adequately. The technique can also enable the candidate to know what to expect from the interviewers and prepare well for the same. Therefore, the power-posing technique can benefit a person during a job interview.

Power-posing techniques that I would recommend to others when giving a public speech

There are various power-posing techniques that a person can use when giving a public speech. Among the methods that I would recommend an individual to use include standing up. In giving a public speech, it is more presentable when the speaker is standing as compared to giving speech when sited. By standing up, the presenter commands respect and attention from the audience. Sitting down during speech presentation is passive. I would also advise an individual to stand up and lean over the table. By taking up more space, it is possible to convey more power when communicating to people and therefore making the speech presentation compelling. Body language plays a key role during speech presentation. I can advise individuals to make use of their hands during the speech presentation. By using hands during the presentation, it shows that you have nothing to hind. Keeping the hands free enable a person to communicate freely and to drive the points to the intended destinations with ease. The smiling face exudes confidence. Smiling is a power-posing technique having a smiling face during speech delivery helps to create personal confidence and encouraging the audience to listen.

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