Branding Of Products

Chapter 8 Branding Of Products

1. Develop written responses for the Ethical Dilemma found in Chapter 8 on page 201.
Offering a quality work will depend on the effects of the outcome based on the decisions made by the stakeholders. Therefore I would consider informing the commissioner of what happened and being in a position to wait for the outcome of whether the contract will be terminated or not. Being honest and revealing the truth will place my company in a position of being trusted when other activities on the contract come up.
2. Develop a written response for the Online Toolkit Exercises found in Chapter 8 on pages 204 and 210 using the required format

Pg. 204

Nike Company has added services such as providing its clients with applications such as Nike training club, Nike running club app which ensures that their clients who are runners can receive training on making themselves better. The company also provides services such events which make runners come together for competitions and also having fun together. Through this, the company is placed in a better position of getting good reviews and hence increasing their competitive advantage.
Pg. 210
When it comes to cheering, individual branding is evident, and the target customer for the product is a house3hold who usually cleans their clothes using a washing machine. The main enticing factor regarding downy is the branding of its fragrance that makes customer have its choice. The target customers are mothers with small children and a family too. Dreft laundry is similar to downy as it targets mothers with small children. Gain is also a cleaning product from plant material and mainly targets people who want soften clothes after washing.
3. Develop written responses for the following Questions and Problems from page 223 in the textbook: Q&P 2, 5, 9, 11, and 15.
2. Review the Under Armour case study that opens this chapter. Using three different consumer product classes as an example, describe how a customer would think about and buy Under Armour products. Then examine the marketing mix considerations in Exhibit 8–6 for each of the product classes you chose. What would Under Armour need to do to support the marketing strategy for each?
Under Armor is a company that developed the unique t shirts for sports to supply to team players and coaches. Based on the consumer product classes a customer could purchase a product from them to be the end user at an impulse due to its features, it refers to unplanned purchase. On another view the team can buy the product based on the heterogeneous aspect of the product. Some customers will also buy the product based on its specialty and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions for the player.
In regard to exhibit 8-6, based on the specialty of the product the company should ensure that the do not over price the product for customers to buy in bulk. In regard to the heterogeneous aspect and class of products the company will need to invest more in promotion through personal selling which will make customers to buy through being convinced. Lastly, on the impulse class of the product the company should focus on the distribution of the product and ensure that they are easily accessible and available.
5. What products are being offered by a shop that specializes in bicycles? By a travel agent? By a supermarket? By a new car dealer?
A shop that specializes in bicycles will mostly offer bicycles spare parts such as tires and rims. The shop will also sell cycling kits like reflector, helmet and cycling shoes. A travel agent will sell tour packages to tourists and organization interested in traveling. A supermarket on the other side will sell household products such as laundry detergents, electronics, and home furniture.
9. Is a well-known brand valuable only to the owner of the brand?
A brand that is widely known is not only valuable to the owner of the brand but also to the buyer. Shopping for well-branded products always makes shopping easier for buyers. In most cases, the buyers are directly connected to the products. The good brand also changes the image of a company. The customers are also in a position to make buying decisions easily due to the branded products.
11. List five brand names and indicate what product is associated with the brand name. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the brand name
Adidas for Adidas shoes, Michelin for motor tires, puma for puma shoes and clothes, coca cola for soft drinks such as Fanta and yahoo for browser engines. Adidas has been associated with a strength of being long-lasting products together with Michelin. Puma shoes are known for good quality regarding enduring rough terrain. Yahoo browser engines are known for their safety from malware during browsing. However, they face the weakness of being slow while browsing. Coca-Cola has been widely recognized for being unhealthy although it is consumed globally.
15. You operate a small hardware store with an emphasis on manufacturer brands and have barely been breaking even. Evaluate the proposal of a large wholesaler that offers a full line of dealer-branded hardware items at substantially lower prices. Specify any assumptions necessary to obtain a definite answer.
The best part of the deal is that I will be able to obtain better earning from the manufacturer’s brands since their brands are strong and sold at a lower price. Integrating the products with strong brand names increases the chances of customers purchasing the products since they recognize the products which make buying easier. Also the manufacturer will also ensure that there is the heavy promotion of the brand that will not need adequate marketing for the products he/she sells.
4. Develop written responses as required for the MARS COM Application Exercise for Assignment 8 found in the Assignment 8 Folder.
Item 1
The target market is a household that contains young children who can be able to read and eat for themselves. The product represents a kid’s seat that they can use to feed on or study. The kind of branding represented is a generic brand that features a single product that does not have a brand name. The branding, in this case, is being done by the manufacturer while the classification in which thee products falls is under convenience product.
Item 2
The target market is the patients who might be suffering from dental related issues. The ad represents a branding of healthcare services offered to patients. The product is branded to enhance the efficiency of customers using their insurance cover. In this case, the person who is doing the branding is the dealer who is the doctor Hashmi. The product falls under the business product which concerns on how the consumer thinks about what they are offered.
Item 3
The target market of the ad is a framer who owns a tractor or other farming machinery or someone who does business using the mechanism. The product includes lubrication oil for the machinery used by farmers while conducting different activities on the farm. Philips 66 is a product used by farmers to lubricate the wheels of their tractors and other parts to ensure that they are maintained. The element of branding represented is the individual branding whereby a single product is branded on its own. The product classification of the ad is the business product since they are bought to be able to produce other products.
Item 4
The ad is targeting the adults who might have experienced cough and cold illness. The products explain that it relieves a patient from mucus, cough and nasal congestion which patients might be suffering from. The branding of the product is based on consumer branding since the end product is consumed by the customer entirely while the person doing the branding is the manufacturer of the product. The product is under family classification since it provides different products with different capabilities.

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