Budget and Timeline

Budget and Timeline

It is essential to consider the available resources that can be used to curb the effects that may be brought about by weaknesses and threats hindering the development of primary care. Working on the strengths and opportunities will also help in advancing care given.

Resources needed to address weaknesses and threats

Time is one of the resources that can be used to address lack of skilled personnel. Change does not occur instantly. Therefore, training opportunities must be offered to obtain more qualified staff which requires time. Financial resources are also needed to meet the requirements of training to enhance quality. Time will also be needed when trying to adapt to changes in technology.

Resources needed to build on strengths and opportunities

Home telehealth has been successful over the years to patients with chronic diseases as provided by the reduction of hospital admissions and improvement of health in patients. However, some improvements can be adopted to enhance the success of home telehealth. Addition of personnel resources such as nurses could lead to more care and management of patients in homes. Nurses can be trained to take care of patients at home.

Advancing the home telehealth services can also be facilitated by financial resources. When there is an availability of finances, the activities undertaken by health professionals are improved since they feel appreciated in their work (Ghazinoory, 2011).

Taking full advantage of the resources to be in line with the strategic plan

Time, finances and personnel are the most needed resources to obtain success in primary care. Finances can be utilized in that every advancement whether technological or need for training is considered. Time should be divided to fit all the planned activities so that there is no wastage (White, 2011). Caregivers should be encouraged to attend training programs offered so that they will be more knowledgeable. Finances should also be managed and budgeted for the most profitable activities that boost the growth of primary care. Therefore, these resources should be highly exploited for more quality (Harris, 2015).


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