Building an Argument

Building an Argument

An argument should be logically strong, and it should have premises. An argument that has a deductive value and true premises is said to be sound. In affordable health care, the ethos or the ethics could be the data of mortality rate from chronic diseases which could be attributed to lack of funds and insurance services to cover patient’s hospital bills. The pathos or the emotions in this topic could be the value attached to human life and the productivity they have in the society in healthy status.  The logos or the logic in this topic is the supporting evidence and the capability that the nation and the health sector has regarding the resources and the health status of the people who can afford the medical bills or have sustainable insurance covers.

The thesis statement of the paper could be; health care affordability and sustainability for the minorities and the low-income earners has decreased and therefore leading to deterioration of their health status. The government has come up with programs such as Medicaid and Medicare to cater for the less unfortunate, however enrolling to these programs has not been fully embraced due to lack of awareness. Creation of awareness, disease prevention and management is essential as well as other health strategies in line with the healthy people 2020 vision.

Affordable care act has made the inductance policy available to people at affordable rates and has provided subsidies for people with the income between100% to 400% (Haugen & Musser, 2012). The program has also expanded Medicaid program to cover adults with income below 138% in some states and therefore making healthcare affordable (Thompson & Thomson Gale, 2015). Affordable care act has also promoted for innovation and delivery of medical care with the aim of lowering the health care cost.

Even with the campaign of affordable health care, the health systems remains complicated and confusing. It is easy to find healthcare insurance companies, but it remains difficult to select the best healthcare policy especially to the patients who don’t know their health needs.

The main concern in affordable health care and the Affordable Care act is. What is the government doing to ensure that there is the creation of awareness and that the policy is benefiting all the people in the low-income bracket of the minorities in the nation? I feel promotion campaigns and educating citizens on the importance of enrolling in these programs would help in reducing the health care disparities and discriminations in the nation.


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