Business and Economics

Business and Economics

Is the American dream still alive?

The technological advancements in the business and the economic world have increased the chances of American dream realization.  The internet sophistication and the technological advancements have intensified the levels of competition leaving the market for the strong to survive (Greenhalgh & Lowry, 2016). The level of innovations or the discoveries with the aid of the advanced technology and the internet services has made things never dreamed as possible being achieved in the economic systems and therefore making the whole situation, even more, promising (Hartmann, 2015).

There has been a new energy in the business in that most of the millionaires have decided to venture into diversified businesses and this has contributed significantly towards building the American economy. The young people vision and thoughts had also improved unlike before where the dreams of the elderly were to find jobs in well-paying companies work there for a few decades until they attain the retirement age where they were to have a good pension package. Most of the youth prioritize taking chances and venturing to businesses which have increased the level of employment since the seriousness being attributed to the same have reduced the chances of business failure. The individualized and the flexible business ventures have been emphasized on and therefore revolutionizing the careers development patterns as well as setting up new investments to boost the economy (Greenhalgh & Lowry, 2016).

Without a doubt, the dream of America will not only be realized but will be realized within a shorter period than the one initially anticipated for by economists and the strategic development team doing the forecast American economic position. This is in line with the trends being realized as well as the zeal or rather the internal drive that the individuals and the government have towards business and setting up of economic development avenues by the government.


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