Business Communication

Business Communication

  1. Describe the five steps in the Communication Process.
  • The sender has an idea: The customer thinks of what they want to say or buy then they conceptualize the idea to be communicated.
  • Sender encodes idea: The customer in this step translates the ides conceptualized in step one into a message that can be passed through communication.
  • Sender selects channel then transmits the message: The customer in this message passes the message through any media that is convenient, e.g., phone, oral, non-verbal, symbolic
  • Receiver encodes the message: here the message is interpreted to understand the senders meaning by the recipient clearly.
  • Feedback is returned to the sender: The response is given depending on the recipient understanding, e.g., the seller can ask for some amount of money is the customer was enquiring for product prices.
  1. Name at least five actions you can take when proofreading.
  • Concentrate
  • Watch out for homonym
  • Watch out for contractions and apostrophes
  • Check the punctuations
  • Check the numbers
  1. What is a goodwill message? Provide an example. 

Answer: These are messages used in workplaces to show the sense of kindness and friendliness.

Examples include: congratulations, positive feedbacks.


  1. When should you convey bad news directly vs. indirectly? Give an example of each.

 Answer: You should convey bad news directly only when you anticipate that there would be no resistance to this message. Example: when a candidate does not qualify for an interview.

An indirect approach should be used when you are trying to delay the bad news until the receiver is ready to deal with it. Example: rejection of a project funding request


Improving Communication

Revise the following to be more positive than negative.

  1. This plan won’t succeed if you don’t get manager’s approval.

Answer: This plan will only succeed if you get managers approval

  1. Employees are not allowed to park in Lot E.

Answer: Lot E parking area is not for employees

Revise the following to be more courteous.

  1. You must turn in all paperwork before March 1 to move forward.

Answer: All the paperwork is expected to be turned in before March 1

  1. The portal has everything.

Answer: Everything is available in the portal

Revise the following to be more precise. 

  1. A decrease in profits

Answer: Low profits

  1. to think about

Answer: Meditate

Revise the following to be more parallel. 

  1. The price increase affected all customers, vendors, and anyone who supplied products.

Answer: The price increase affected all customers, vendors and products suppliers.

  1. Our marketing plan has three objectives:
  • We want to raise awareness of our products and services.
  • To highlight our services.
  • Our philanthropic efforts will be recognized.

Answer: Our marketing plan has three objectives: raising awareness of our goods and services, highlighting our services and realizing our philanthropic efforts

Revise the following phrases to avoid using empty words. 

  1. Student projects have been outstanding in quality.

Answer: Student projects have been outstanding

Revise the following sentence to be more direct. 

  1. Our organization has been very aggressive in searching for the right employees, and we are in the process of posting new hiring guidelines for your review.

Answer: Our organization has been aggressively searching for the right employees and is ready to post new hiring guidelines for review.


Revise the following phrases to use more concise words. 

  1. Due to the fact that

Answer: Because

  1. In all probability

Answer: Likelihood

Revise the following to limit long lead-ins. 

  1. This is to inform you that you can find all information about policies in our manual portal.

Answer: Information about policies can be found on our portal

Revise the following to be more businesslike, and not over exuberant. 

  1. The client was extremely upset over the very vague communication from the distraught employee.

Answer: The vague communication of the distraught employee made the client extremely upset.

Revise the following statements, so they do not include clichés or buzzwords.

  1. Our supervisor insists that we think outside of the box when planning our promotion.

Answer: Our supervisor insists that we use new ideas when planning our promotion

  1. In an effort to not blow the budget, we are asking everyone to put their thinking caps on and provide their best recommendations.

Answer: To avoid blowing the budget, we are asking everyone to think harder and provide their best recommendations

Revise the following statement to position bad news strategically. 

  1. We hired someone else.

Answer: Another candidate took the position.

Revise the following statement to show more empathy.

  1. Your product is on backorder.

Answer: Your product is out of stock



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