Business Legal Environment

Business Legal Environment

Johnson and Johnson is a pharmaceutical producing giant headquartered in New Brunswick. Robert Wood Johnson conceived the corporation in year 1886. The pharmaceutical giant specializes in production and sale of pharmaceutical products that include drugs for family planning, pain management, anti- allergies, and medicine for nervous system maladies as well as medical devices.

However, despite the success realized by Johnson and Johnson, the pharmaceutical products producing conglomerate has recently hit news in the legal corridors. Recently, there have arisen lawsuits that accuses Johnson and Johnson of manufacturing talc-based merchandise that increases chances of ovarian cancer contraction (New York Times, 2017). The lawsuits amounts to product liability. The suits files against Johnson and Johnson stated that a woman had used a baby powder, that is, J & J Baby powder that led to her contracting ovarian cancer. New York Times (2017) reports that multiple lawsuits have been filed in court indicting Johnson and Johnson of making products that acts as risk factor towards contracting ovarian related cancer.

Products liability is a legal concept that transpires when a manufacturer or a seller to a certain commodity is held liable of making or selling defective products, which causes or has potential of causing an injury to its consumers.

Johnson and Johnson has also been accused of breach of contract after completing an $885 million deal to an Irish biotechnology company in an Alzheimer’s disease treatment undertaking (New York Times, 2017). Armstrong Pharmaceuticals filed a lawsuit in court accusing Johnson and Johnson of breach of contract through violation of federal laws. Breach of contract is a legal concept that describes a party’s failure to execute obligations under conditions of an agreed contract.


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