African American woman

African American woman

Reference Group Influence

Reference groups influence the types of products that individual purchase since they are directed towards certain beliefs, attitudes and opinions of people (Kuan, 2014). In this case, one type of influence demonstrated is normative. The Toyota Company employed a successful African American woman who can be able to relate to the cultures and beliefs of black women (Bourne, 1957). It is therefore very strategic because she is aware of what her fellow professional African American women prefer. Informational influence is also evident since Bianca being a member of the target group likes the car and people like her therefore; they will easily be influenced to buy the cars.

Primary American Values the campaign is trying to tap into

Diversity and Change is evident. The African American women are seen as role models thus diminishing the aspect of racism in America. The campaign is also targeting the young people for example Bianca who is a young professional. The campaign therefore demonstrates that people of any age, class and race can take on the world.

Values and Aspiration the campaign tap into relating to sub groups of professional women and the target market of professional African American women represent (market segments) by Yankelovich

The campaign taps into both the professional women and professional African American women in the aspects of gender roles in the modern society, social status of women and professionalism of women despite race.

Age and income demographics segment; the target group represent the young people who are more stressed about their work and living in an area with people of different ethnicity. It is also a group that uses a lot of technology and new trends in the market.

Fitting the target and media/ message used

Use of internet fit perfectly with the audience since they are young people and interactive sessions will make them feel more accommodated. The message portrayed about gender superiority also attracts more females to purchase the cars.

Ability to tap the cultural aspect of the target group

The campaign is tapping the cultural aspect of the target group in that, Bianca can identify what people of her ethnic group prefer. Culture will hence be upheld since the target market and influence person are from the same ethnic and racial groups.

Change of perception rather than the car itself

Camry used this strategy in order to enhance more profits. Changing the car will make it seem unworthy in the market and would lead to losses. To be able to venture in a wider market, the car had to be retained which will also improve perception.

Success of the campaign

The campaign to some extent changed the perception of professional African American women in that, they felt more accommodated by Camry since they were using one of their own. Therefore, they may opt to buy the vehicle as they are sure it is good as their own advocated.

I, however, would have used a black female celebrity instead to market the car for example a singer such as Beyonce. A singer will have more influence than a lady in the fashion industry since they are more known to people (Rani, 2014).


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