Capital Expenditure Budget Response

Capital Expenditure Budget Response

Hello David, thank you for this post. I am impressed by the work you presented as it is very commendable. I accede with your argument that capital expenditure budget compiles the capital assets to be obtained, transferred to other people or disposed. The amount of money to be used to invest in capital assets will be listed on the budget (Shim & Siegel, 2012).

I love the way you gave detailed information on the topic which is very intelligent since any person, with or without a financial background can understand clearly. Your argument on acquisition of assets is well thought and i agree that the level of activity will determine the amount of assets purchased (“Capital Expenditure Budget”, 2017). Human resources are directly involved by projects in an organization since number of employees to handle the project may be increased or reduced. As per argument, which I agree, training is required upon implementation of a new project which is also a human resource responsibility.

I concur with your idea that there is need by an organization to focus into the future so as to meet the changing market demands.


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