Cardinal Health Company

Cardinal Health Company

Cardinal Health is a global healthcare service and products company with its origin in Dublin, Ohio, United States. The healthcare provider majors in the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical items. Cardinal Health serves more than 100,000 regions. The main goal of Cardinal Health is to offer quality solutions for health centres, health systems, clinical laboratories, health professional offices and ambulatory surgery stations globally. Cardinal Health Company has been in existence for around 100 years hence has obtained higher levels of experience in their field (Weiss & Shin, 2016). It has more than 50,000 workers in nearly 60 nations. It is ranked among the top 25 on the Fortune 500.

The direct impact of marketing on Cardinal Health Company

The undeviating effect for the Cardinal Health in its market is that it offers planned communication services bonded with insights from the actual-world information to enable medical device, diagnostic test and pharmaceutical organizations introduce new products to market and make sure that there is the success throughout the lifecycle of the product. With increased levels of competition in the healthcare market, improving on the potential of one’s products and services will need a plan informed by real-world statistics and proper communications aimed at key decision makers.

Cardinal Health Company has networked with urologist, oncologists and other specialist’s physician, innovative marketing solution and comprehensive data materials which enable them to identify professionals offering treatment to the unique patient population. Also, the Cardinal Health can understand the medical practitioner’s behaviour, and access all the parties who take part in treatment decision making with proper communications to increase their market opportunities. For quality and a successful product in the market, an individual should keep up –to- date to ensure that he or she understands the current world and its requirements. Products and services can be marketed through advertising them in social media networking and in-person to ensure that individual’s or organization’s goals are met with the main objective being profit maximization.

Strategy applied by Cardinal Health that determines its products and services utilization

One of the major strategies that determine the products and services utilization in Cardinal Health Compact is Supply Chain Strategy. The consulting approach for the Cardinal Health provides a strategic plan, project, and execution which increase the efficiency to any healthcare supply chain. Any change within the organization which comes with the Affordable Care Act forces stock managers to come up with new ways of lowering costs. Just like any other organization, Cardinal Health Company also faces supply problems, and therefore it offers a strategic plan and executes size organization including standalone surgery centres and large regional networks which address key supply chain problems. Cardinal Health Company assists the healthcare practitioners to understand and manage stock and logistics so that they operate more efficiently with little or no costs and low levels of stress by both the staffs and the clients. Supply chain professionals assess the performance at every stage of any of the Cardinal Health sub-companies supply chain workflow to ensure they drive out any waste, speed up delivery and establish a better performance metrics.

Marketing strategy Cardinal Health Company

The marketing department has a role in strategic leadership direction within the organization. Cardinal Health Company is looking forward to finding a talented marketing individual who will focus on patient’s journey as their potential customers whom they greatly support as Cardinal Health fraternity (Collins & Varmus, 2015). The marketing talented individual should be able to understand what operations that will improve numbers of clients from their database (Sabin & Gray, 2015). Cardinal Health Company will hire those individuals who will help then gain more customers by being their client’s biggest fan through running campaigns which will enable them to improve their adoption and use of their products and solutions. Also, the person will be required to update the clients on what is new in the market and their features.

The duties and responsibilities that Cardinal Health will assign to its new marketing employees include analysing and interpreting the behaviours and sequences that make clients successful and their likelihood to be retained by the organization. Creation of new techniques to nurture through the combination of content and calls-to-action, and finding new approaches to guide nurturing through social media channels such as blogging and emailing. Creation and implementation of new projects is another duty whereby, creative ideas which improve on customer conversation levels are generated. Finally, planning and execution of marketing plans focused on product adoption and success to their clients and measuring the success of campaigns regarding the well-being of the company are all necessary for an effective marketing strategy.

Cardinal health recommendations that could shape customers buying decisions

Separate techniques which I would recommend that the Cardinal Health Company should use to shape the buying decisions of its clients include implementation of Edge Park Medical Supplies, Home Healthcare Solutions, and Independence Medical. Edge Park Medical Supplies operates with more than 1,300 health techniques including Medicaid and Medicare to offer support ineffective payments of bills, patient agreement and delivering products directly to clients at home.  Home Healthcare Solutions are used for homecare and hospice bodies with clinical knowledge and skills, supply management and deliver supplies directly to consumers at home. Independence Medical provides services to more than 12,000 commercial clients through driving operational expertise and delivering medical supplies to customers home on their behalf. Application of the above recommendations would go a long way in ensuring that the Cardinal health helps or rather shapes the customer decision making.


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