Case Analysis
Read the CASE ANALYSIS: HDT Truck Company. The research question is what will Pon do?
Write a 4 Page paper in APA format.
Below is a recommended outline.
1. Introduction
a. A thesis statement
b. Purpose of paper
c. Overview of paper
3. Body
a. Assume you are Vanderpool. Draft the comparison Pon just requested.
b. Which of the two routing alternatives would you recommend and why?
c. Assume that the buyer in Saudi Arabia has made other large purchases in the United
States and is considering consolidating all its purchases and loading them onto one large ship, which the buyer will charter. The buyer contacts HDT and, although acknowledging its commitment to buy FAS Doha, asks how much HDT would subtract from the $172,000 per truck price if the selling terms were changed to FOB HDT’s Crown Point plant. How much of a cost reduction do you think HDT should offer the buyer? Under what terms and conditions?
4. Conclusion – Summary of main points
5. References – List the references you cited in the text of your paper according to APA format.
(Note: Do not include references that are not cited in the text of your paper).

NB: Please Make sure your writer follow the instructions given and address each question asked in the main Body of the essay.

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