causes of World War II

Explore the causes of World War II.

What conditions that lead to war?

Many will argue that Hitler was the primary cause of World War II and though he played a significant part in that role, WWII was the cause of turmoil that was left from the end of World War I. The Treaty of Versailles left Germany in financial ruins with holding the responsibility for war damages to the allies [1]. The Great Global Depression was that time that much of the world began to suffer great economic fall-out [1]. Trade taxes were becoming outrageous, inflation was at an all-time high which would lead to many unstable governments, and this would lead to the onset of Totalitarianism.

As countries like, Spain, Italy, and Russia took on dictators such as Franco, Mussolini, and Stalin an ideology Hitler himself would indoctrinate within his Nazi Party [2]. Some believe that it was the initial invasion into Poland that went against the Treaty of Versailles that placed the war in motion. However, Japan itself was also trying to expand its empire with its invasion into Manchuria and China well before the onset of World War II [3]. It is safe to say that World War II, during the actual fighting itself, Hitler was the world enemy, but there were many other events that would feed the anger which ultimately led to the cause of World War II.

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