Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

Peterson, Baker-Ward and Grovenstein (2016) note that certain childhood memories can last a lifetime. My childhood memories are not any different. They are kind of pieces of me that I can never go a day without. Most importantly, they are like dreams that remain in my mind every day I wake up from sleep because everything I interact with reminds me of my childhood in one way or the other. My most painful childhood memory is that of the day when I lost my brother. We were only two at that time. I was still very young at that point. Most people state that children cannot feel the loss of the people they lose upon death. However, this is not true with me. It was the greatest loss and pain I have ever felt to this time.

In most cases, it was difficult to find close siblings that do almost everything together. Close siblings, most at times, tend to have conflicting ideas and imaginations, as well as aspirations. This is exclusive to twins. Contrarily, my brother and I shared almost every characteristic. We were fond of hanging out together, playing the same childhood games, and going to school together. It was a rare social tie; finding the best friend in my closest brother. Most of the memories I have of my childhood revolve around the people with whom I spent most of my childhood times, among them my brother.

My childhood memories consist of the stupid and weird things we did with friends. We broke any rule that was given to us by our parents. Considerably, curiosity was the primary motive behind the things we did, as Brédart and Bouffier (2016) suggest. We went for walks in risky environments just to see what our parents and guardians did not want us to see. In the company of my childhood friends, we would play games, and it always seemed like an episode. We would play games and pick up each day from where we left the previous day.

The most memorable childhood moment I experienced was way back when I was around six years. During that time, my aunt had come to visit us and came along with my cousin, Mac George. We were still so young at that point, although he was a little older than me. We were almost of the same physical characteristics, only that he was way more built than I was at that time. Notably, we were meeting for the very first time with Mac George. We had never gotten the chance even to get to know each other that much. Considering that my aunt came visiting a few months after my brother’s death, I developed a strange liking for him. We became close friends instantly, probably because I had lost my greatest friend and brother. I was obviously lonely, before his coming.

On that fateful day, we woke up a little late, like it was our habit. If I can remember very well, we woke up unusually jovial. After all was said and done, we were free to play. Notably, there was a dam under construction in our neighborhood. We took our bikes, as usual, and started riding about. I had been teaching my cousin to ride since their arrival. He had learned a lot by that time because he was fast at grasping ideas.

We took the rough road just in the backyard of our home. I considered it the best option to do stunts because it was sloppy. The dam was just around the first corner downwards. We competed downwards but unfortunately, Mac George did not know of the dam ahead. He rode fast and was at the corner ahead of me. I wanted to warn him, but it was too late. It was during that time that we lost him. I can never be merciful enough to forgive myself for having let him go, just like that. That incident haunts me to date. Some memories, like mine, seem to stick in our minds longer than we can imagine, as stated by Brédart and Bouffier (2016).


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