CIKR Research Project

CIKR Research Project

Bottom of Form

The requirement for the CIKR Research Project is to produce a research paper. This paper will examine the cyber-sector.  While there will be some overlap into other areas (communications etc.) you should concentrate on the cyber portion itself.  The paper should include:

  • A thorough understanding of the sector
  • The policies that direct and guide the sector
  • The structure and function of the sector
  • The regulatory instruments that determine the standards and procedures
  • Changes to sector regulation in the post-9/11 era
  • Your understanding of the vulnerabilities of the sector and the potential threats against it
  • A review and analysis of four recent incidents (within the past three years).  These incidents should include:
    • One from the government/military sector
    • One from the financial sector
    • One from the private sector
    • One that you choose because of its size, interest, importance etc.

Based upon all of the analysis, data, and information resulting from your research, make thoughtful recommendations about how you would propose changes within the sector to increase protection and security. These recommendations could take the form of new policies, regulations, organizations, and strategies. Be creative and bold.

The body of the paper must be a minimum of 10 double-spaced pages. Please use APA style.


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