Stuart Wilkins

As stated in the opening prompt to this week’s discussion question, it is clear that there are many issues that are still present in CIKR. Some of these issues include sector collaboration, funding, and legislation. If these three issues can be addressed and maintained, CIKR will continue to be protected to the best of its ability within the United States.

Sector Collaboration:

Throughout the entire course, we have learned about the abundance of sectors that are present within protecting CIKR within the United States. One problem with so many sectors all protecting one thing is that there is often little communication or collaboration when it comes to operational methods. If each sector shared information and worked together to protect CIKR, it would go much further than each sector trying to maintain protection of CIKR all by themselves.

In order to fix this issue, I would create a local homeland security program that would be encompassed by multiple sectors of homeland security when it came to CIKR. I would then sit down and have meetings with each sector talking about their personal findings or information that pertains to their own sector. This would encourage open dialogue between sectors and force them to work together. Some tools I could use to help with this is by creating online websites that each sector has access to so they can read or input information as they wish.


            Funding is always a problem when it comes to government programs or facilities. With so many programs out there available to the government for protection, it only makes sense that everyone is grabbing for the pocketbook for their fair share of the money. In order to properly maintain protection over CIKR, one must have the financial means to do so. To keep up with the technological world, CIKR protection must be able to utilize the cutting-edge technology that adversaries have access to in order to properly defend against them.

To fix this issue within my own community using a homeland security program, I would have each sector or section give a particular amount of money they are requesting to maintain their program. Then, I would take a certain amount of money out of the overall budget to make sure that each sector had what they needed financially in order to do their job. Some resources that can be used to monitor funding is quarterly meetings to make sure everyone is spending within their means and possessing the funds they asked for in order to properly do their job.


This is arguably the toughest issue to address when it comes to the protection of CIKR due to the politics that revolve around it. In government, especially nowadays, it is difficult to get anyone to agree on anything. However, when it comes to the protection of CIKR, it is critical that legislators are on the same page. Passing laws and acts to better protect our CIKR is key when it comes to the overall protection of the homeland. Therefore, it is imperative that the federal government analyzes and maintains situational awareness when it comes to the importance of homeland security, especially when it comes to CIKR.

Out of the three issues, this is also the hardest to find a solution for. The reason is that finding a solution for legislation often means persuading your opponent to agree with your side of the argument. Therefore, in my local homeland security program, I would hold monthly meetings to talk about the current threats to CIKR. That way, it would force people opposed to protection of CIKR to see my point of view and any issues I may have with the current means of protection. Some resources I could use to complete this task is by teaching or analyzing case studies. Doing this would show that there is a danger to CIKR and why it is important to mitigate that danger.

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