Clerical test

Clerical test

Question 1

Clerical test is a skill testing procedure which provides a reliable measure of basic skills. In this case for it to be adopted there is a clear connection between job requirement and occupational environs measured by the test. All those tested are assumed to familiarize with the company norms and that the score is used as a guide for the employment. With respect to the test there is a positive correlation of speed from the data showing that majority exceeds 41% speed performance from time 1 and 39% score in time 2. Hence majority possess limited ability with respect to speed. The mean score obtained from the test takers provides a reference point for the norm which ascertains relative standing for all the applicants.

With respect to work sample it is important for the Phonemin to consider in predicting future performance for the candidates. It will help in measuring individual competency with respect to work under realistic conditions. The reliability of work sample varies mainly on the accurate measure of job performance and behavior. In this case candidates with high speed performance with less customer complaints are preferred more that those with high error rates.

Question 2

Validity on the other hand is conceptualized to show whether there exists mutual relationship between job performance and the best score. The test can be considered valid since performance data for all the candidates were gathered and it is expected to have a statistically significant correlation between the test score and the job performance.

In this case, from the results on clerical tests there exists a low correlation between sample work T and sample work C which is not significant. With respect to error rate, there is a negative correlation and a positive correlation with speed and a non-significant correlation with respect to customer complaints. Since all the parts are strongly associated with personnel intelligence, there is a significant correlation between personal ability and the test score. Therefore the average score of the participants can be said to be highly indicative of their intelligence. Clerical test can be used as a valid measure of personal capacity to perform clerical functions. The score indicates the capacity of the applicants to perform the task.

With respect to work sample T, there exist high correlation with work sample C in a criterion related validity. Correlation with respect to error rate is negative and the speed is positive hence there no significant. On the other hand correlation with respect to customer complain is high and significant. With respect to work sample C, there exists high correlation between work samples T in a criterion related validity. Correlation between error rate is negative and non-significant to speed and a significant correlation with complaint.

The results from both the clerical and sample tests can be used during the selection process of CSRs. Work samples produce same results hence suggesting their redundancy. Clerical test predicts a different criteria by using both the speed and error rate. Hence best combination should be use of one work sample and the clerical test.


From the data analysis one of the limitations that should be kept in mind which associates the data validity for example range restriction hence the correlation is relatively small compared to what it could if it involved all the participants, also working employees will be less motivated compared to new job applicants.

There might exist error occurred during data entry and other variable scores that would interfere with the final results obtained. Though the results are obtained, the sample size taken is relatively small.

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