CNSs and NPs

CNSs and NPs

According to Glembocki, Fitzpatrick and Creative HealthCare Management (2013), clinical nurse specialists CNS have some aspects in common with Nurse practitioners. Moreover, the two also display contrast in their roles.


Dennison and Prevost (2012) explain that CNS oversee nursing departments either at private practice location or in a hospital setting. Contrary, the nurse practitioners NP only execute tasks under direct supervision of physicians and employ their competencies to consult on patient care. Research work by Dennison and Prevost (2012) reveals that clinical nurse specialists undertake duties in a large facility or an entire department wing but on the other hand nurse practitioners work in private practice physician setting. Clinical nurse specialists require prescriptive authority to offer expert care as well as consultation. The nurse practitioners contrary have authority to prescribe medication independently without the supervision of a physician.  Nurse practitioners are allowed to prescribe medication while clinical nurse specialists lack the permission to execute the opportunity.


Glembocki et al., (2013) state that both clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioner play pivotal roles in patient care and contribute substantially to the care aspect in clinical medical settings. Moreover, Dennison and Prevost (2012) postulates that both CNS and NP are acknowledged as leaders in their roles as well as in their nursing credentialing care. Dennison and Prevost (2012) outline that for both CNS and NP must obtain minimum qualification of a master’s degree in nursing for them to practice. Glembocki et al.,  (2013) report that both Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialists work in coordination with patients as well as with other health practitioner in a hospital setting to solve patients problems effectively. The two therefore should work to smooth any conflicting roles that might put at risk the patient’s welfare.


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