Columbia Journalism School

Columbia Journalism School

Interest in journalism 

My interest in Journalism as a career and also as a job, developed during my exploration of media and communication studies since I was in high school. Intellectually, I have always been captivated by analytical philosophy and life’s big questions, which has allowed me to academically engage as well as develop the ability to think big I encountered as an undergraduate. My graduate studies have helped me formulate a better understanding of society’s nature and condition allowing me to act more decisively as a citizen. This experience has provided me with a greater appreciation of the role that technology and media play in politics and culture, and the responsibility those journalists, technologists have in regards to the prospects and outcomes.

My return to academics after having a break in the commercial sector would develop and cultivate my expertise as well as improve my thinking capacity as a journalist. Also, I maintain a personal educational blog where I report on events and ideas. Furthermore, I contribute to a variety of professional and issue-driven blogs. I am discovering that I have a relatively rare ability to express complex ideas compellingly and persuasively. As I continue to explore the genre of journalism,

My interactions with the faculty and students in the Journalism School have led me to develop more regarding the relationship with other students and journalists. I have developed a greater appreciation for the field and a fresh understanding of its importance. Conclusively, I view this program as a means for engaging like-minded individuals who share a commitment to the relationship between academia and activism, and an appreciation for the balance between theoretical and practical pursuits.  If offered the opportunity it would enable me to significantly contribute to my experience as well as the community in general in regards to journalism (Carey and James 78).

Experience on journalism

I have a hand full of experience based on the fact that I have had both first hand and also theoretical part of knowledge in regards to journalism category. The academic part of journalism was attained in my collages education where I qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism where I majored in Television, Radio, and Film section. Through the education period, elements such as being a director, producer or writer to create fictional/non-fictional films on campus, also the ability and knowledge to interview a variety of subject in a move to develop a story or movie where some of the specific skills taught.  On the other hand, I was able to create a documentary about gender discrimination in India with regards to education. The film was voted as one of the best in the academic year, based on the documentary section (Macdonald & Isabel 761).

On the other hand, I have developed experience through experience based on the fact that, I have been the Account executive at PR agency where I was responsible for Developing press releases as well as pitched feature stories on healthcare and F&B. Additionally, I have been a Layout editor at The Hague Model United Nations Singapore Press Corps. I managed to develop competitive skills such as managing multiple assignments and develop creative solution under minimal supervision as well as constrained time schedules. I have also gained the competence to establish and create design properties for the daily newspaper in a move to build attractiveness as well as create a simple to comprehend materials.

What to gain through my work in Columbia graduate school of journalism

My passion for journalizing and all that accompanies the Journalism environment is what pushed me to apply for the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. This is because the school is one of the best in regards to its reputation and history. Additionally, the school has the required resource for the Journalism course, for one to learn and exercise their potential (Frith, Simon & Peter 210). Some of the intended abilities as well as skills to attain from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism are;

Acquireing the knowledge and skills that are required in developing a  sophisticated news gathering abilities that emphasize in-person, interview-based reporting as well as other means of acquiring and assessing information with specializations in data visualization, food writing, international reporting. Also I am looking forward to improveing my evaluation and analyzing ability in order to understand the bigger picture from minor details. Moreover, if the intended skills and knowledge are acquired I will be able to achieve my career goals as an international Journalist will be achieved. For example the expertise in

  • Food and health-specialized visual journalist pursuing the growth of national health.
  • International journalist speaking for the oppressed minorities around the world.
  • Being a cultural bridge linking the globe, and journalism.

Work cited

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