Combating Ageism

Combating Ageism

An individual who defies the stereotypes of ageing

Oprah says that the secret of secret of ageing is in someone’s attitude and that whatever someone feels about themselves at any moment or stage in their lives defines them. The fact that she feels that she still has something to offer to herself, her family and the world keeps her going.  Oprah says that she always watches her diet and exercises regularly as the fact that she is a public figure keeps her in check as she is always keen to bring out the best in her.

An advertisement from the internet that is ageist

The link  shows the issues that the elderly are likely to pass through. The issues here can be used to create awareness and promote positive thinking about the elderly. It showed the elderly as weak, delicate, useless, white-haired forgetful, impaired and past their prime and therefore showing how unfit they are in the society. The weaknesses can be overcome by the fact that the elderly have passed through a lot of things and are therefore more experienced, wise as in most societies they are associated with more knowledge and are used to guide the other people on life issues through advice based on experience. The negative energy and feeling can be converted to happiness as they reflect on achievements they have made in the past.

Personal experiences and interactions with older adults

I feel that interacting with the elderly helps one to gather ideas about life the old provide advice and other valuable information based on their experience and wisdom, therefore, helping people in the decision-making process. I mostly interact with the elder, and this has boosted my thinking capacity and view of some issues and therefore changing my perception and opinion some situations. According to Binns, Gray, Orsak, Heimer, Health, Human Performance and Recreation, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville & Arkansas (2017), our perceptions towards the old determines how we view and value whatever they have to offer to us, our families and to the society at large. The fact that they have seen different phases of life and experiences more should enable people to have a positive perception and therefore attach some value to them in the society

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