Communication Skills

 Communication Skills

In communication, I have developed some strength that has helped me to improve my communication capabilities. I have developed the ability to deal with tricky and confusing situations and making sound decisions. I am also straightforward, and I try to remain an open book and anyone who wants to know my personal information at work has the capability as all my information is readily available. This makes it easy for me when dealing with my seniors as they know my technical competencies as well as the skills that I possess and therefore making it easy to assign me tasks. I also view issues in other peoples perspective, and this helps me avoid issues in arguments as even if I give my point without worrying how people would take me I take time to listen and understand situations from both ends and act accordingly. I am also strong in paying attention to people’s discussion, and this helps me grasp whatever is being discussed at easy. I have also been keen on choosing channels to use to communicate any information to people as effectiveness in communication also depends on the communication channel.

I agree I have some weaknesses when it comes to communication but I strive to overcome them. One of the major weaknesses that I have is trying to find solutions to my problems alone without sharing my issues. This makes it hard for me as sometimes it is stressing to try crack issues all alone without depending on someone for advice. I also have the weakness of saying or stating my point of view without worrying about how people think about me and sometimes this has landed me in trouble as I try explaining my position to different people. This makes it hard as I lack control especially when I am in a situation that is affecting me directly.

I am planning to develop my communication skill set through concentrating on my strengths and trying to polish and improve my weak points. This is through learning to share issues that stress me to close friends and family as that could reduce the load and therefore making me feel free. I am also planning to gauge my thoughts and points that I raise in conversations as I have realized that some points hurt people’s feelings differently and therefore gauging the words before I speak could be the best way of making people view me differently.

Communication is dynamic, and a wide field and many issues need to be considered when assessing the communication competence. One of the major issues that are not addressed in the quiz and is critical is the issue of being judgmental of people during a conversation (Zuckerman, DePaulo & Rosenthal, 2011). Most people are very fast to conclude and judge others during a conversation without fully having to understand why people take certain stands. The other critical issue is the feelings expressed during a conversation or rather the reaction that one has as they communicate. Some people do not understand that different messages being passed should have a different reaction for them to have an impact on the audience and this is also a way of determining the effectiveness of a conversation or rather a communication.

Verbal communication is sharing information through speech. Some of the examples of verbal communication include oral presentations, interviews, lectures, presentations and conversations (Zuckerman, DePaulo & Rosenthal, 2011). Non-verbal communication, on the other hand, is sharing of information using gestures. Some of the examples of Non-verbal communications include winks, smiles, waves, gestures, salute, touch and other bodily movements (Siegman, 2014). In conversation, most of the people use a combination of both verbal and non-verbal skills to drive a point. This is because they complement each other and make it easy to pass information effectively during a conversation.


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