Community Nursing Open Day’s Program 

Community Nursing Open Day’s Program 

Purpose of Community nursing open day’s program

Sensitization and creation of awareness about health conditions and more so in the chronic diseases have been neglected and therefore increased the cases of the diseases (Lafauci, 2009). This has constrained the health budget and stretched the medical centres in offering the health management of the conditions. To reduce this, community nursing open day program will help in making sure that people are aware of the predisposing factors of the major chronic diseases as well as the early symptoms to help in reducing the effects of the diseases and hence saving the health budget a great deal. The project will aim at delivering excellent evidence based nursing care to the households and patients within the community. Access to the medical facility is not common to the entire community member, and therefore the program will make sure that it reaches all the people in need of medical attention and therefore reduce the disease cases, mortality rate as well as promotes a good health to increase the general productivity of the community.

Target population or audience

The target population will be the elderly people and women. These groups happen to be in the minority category, and their cases are not well tackled in the health sector. This, therefore, will ensure that all their issues are handled in the program and that they get tests and medical care at their homes. Most of the women face violation and sexual harassment cases but fail to present the same to the medical facilities while the elderly people especially the ones who are out of the health insurance cover lack the financial support to visit the medical facilities for medical checkups (Public Health and Community Health Program Planning, 2014). This, therefore, makes their health conditions worsen as they are vulnerable to diseases due to age factors.

Benefits of Community nursing open day’s program

The women will be able to get maternity care at ease as the program will ensure that all the women especially the ones who are not financially stable can access medical care during their pregnancy period and also receive the best medications for their conditions before and after delivery. Most of the women deliver at homes or in medical facilities with low standards of treatments and therefore endangering their lives. The motility rate of women during delivery has increased in the community setups and therefore calling for the need to consider the woman and provide them with the best medical care. The elderly will also be able to benefit from free medical checkups and also have medications for some of the conditions they have at a small free or subsidized prices. This will help in boosting their health conditions and therefore feeling that they are also valued in the society. The chronic conditions will also be reduced as the people will have series of tests done and results presented to them. The maintenance cost of the chronic diseases has become a burden to the health sector (Gauwitz, 2007). Controlling the diseases will reduce the cases and therefore ease the burden, therefore, channeling the funds to other health activities.

Cost or budget justification

The major cost that will be incurred will be for paying the nurses and the medical drugs that will be required in the program. The program is seeking to collaborate with nurses from other medical facilities to increase the coverage and the timeliness in delivery of medical services to the community. The total estimated budget is $12500, and it is divided as follows. The nurse’s salaries will be $2500, and the rest $10000will be allocated in for medication, hiring of facilities, mobility and publicity of the activity. The budget will be requested in phases such that the team will be able to account for the previously disbursed cash and therefore aiding in tracking all the expenses of the program. The instalments will also be accounted for by both the nurses and the financial controllers in the hospital through synchronizing the data and presenting the same to the board for transparency purposes. Since the funding may not be fully available, the team is also expected to get donations from the donors and well-wishers to enable propelling the program forward.

The basis upon which Community nursing open day’s program will be evaluated

The program performance will be evaluated through the cases of women and elderly health condition resolved and the decreased number of chronic diseases reported in the hospitals. The data will be compared with the previous cases that have been reported and the ones that have been attended in the healthcare facilities. This will be used to show the responsiveness or the change regarding the creation of awareness of the women and elderly health issues, especially in the neglected health conditions. The open day will also be evaluated through assessing the turnout or rather the number of patients attended in different stations and the nature of the conditions attended to. This will be to make sure that the cases attended to are the major health issues that become a burden to the health sector if not attended to on time


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