Company Description and SWOT analysis

Company Description and SWOT analysis

Company name and its significance

The jolly smoothie is a NAB company which participates in offering frozen drinks which are smoothie and milkshakes. Both are products of fresh ingredients acquired from local farmers. The company also offers to take away smoothies as well as frozen yoghurt. The name is meant to exhibit the value attached to the brand. The jolly smoothie aim is promoting a healthy lifestyle among people who consume it and to make sure that those who take the product are in a position to soberly conduct daily activities as opposed to those using alcoholic beverages. The term jolly is a representation of the feeling of joy experienced by people who consume the product. The non-alcoholic drink is relative to happy moments. When the society experiences the health benefits of the drink, they live a healthy and joyous life.

Mission statement of the company

The jolly smoothie company which encourages and supports a lifestyle which is healthy with delicious farm fresh products. The mission of the company is to have a diets improvement by making flavoursome drinks which are composed of healthy constituents including vegetable fruits which are fresh, juices and various milk. In being in a position where nutritious frozen beverages are created, one’s diet is balanced and very nourishing. Getting ingredients from the local farmers is a means of sowing back to the community as well as support local farming. The company strives to become a business that is widely known in the region, putting into consideration the interest of consumers whose best choice is based on healthy dessert beverages.  The goal of the company is to ensure that we grow and gain profitability, annually, while still ensuring that customers are jolly. The company’s current operations are in the farmer’s markets. The aim, however, is to ensure that the company possesses franchises where people will buy the company’s business model. Considering that there is no mass production since every constituent is made in the store, most people will be willing to buy into the concept more.

Trends and why I chose the beverage

The millennial market is a trend in the smoothies’ beverage market. The millennials are very conscious about their health more than the generations that came before. This means that the production and packaging of the smoothies should be looked into. The best hygienic practices should be observed. Since most of the consumers are very concerned about the GMO labelling, transparency on the ingredients and health benefits of a product should be part of the packaging.

The reasons as to why I chose the beverage is that they are easy to understand. The first reason is that the smoothie is healthy. In the current world, people are increasingly becoming aware of their health. Smoothies are a great way to helping detoxify by adding a detoxifying component to a smoothie. There are also several programs that encourage weight loss by substituting a meal for a drink. Smoothies are a great means of ensuring that the body acquires the appropriate vitamins while still dieting. The smoothies also aid in digestion. The second reason why I choose smoothie is that they are portable. What is trending is that most of the consumers of a product wish to have a product which they can carry from one place to another without any difficulty. The product can also be made from anywhere at any time as long as one has the right tools. The third reason is that smoothies are fast and easy to make. Provided one has ingredients, coming up with the product is easy. It saves time, and people who wish to consume the product do not have to wait for long.

Strategy to apply

The best strategic position for my company is effective communication. I believe that by having a clear communication channel with my customers and consumers of the product, continuous improvement will be inevitable. I will ensure that I speak the language of my customers. This means that I adhere to their interests and preferences. I will listen to complaints and act immediately. I believe that having a good relationship with customers is of importance in achieving loyalty for my brand.

Distribution and marketing

I will use my sales team to market the product in supermarkets, wholesale and retail shops as well as in hotels. I intend to begin by marketing through the use of pamphlets and door to door marketing. I will also create a website which I will market the product through. More to this, I will make use of social media. This is because social media will reach as many people as possible. Once people make their orders, I will have my sales team deliver it to the destination of their wish.

Risks that the business faces

To set up the business, I need to have permits. Acquiring the permits is expensive. However, I have to take the risk even if I am not sure if the company will yield returns within the expected time the second risk is that I am putting up a business that already exists in the market. I am not sure if I will get customers and therefore had to take the risk. According to recent studies by scientists, smoothies may be a source of risk to the human health due to the amount of sugar the health drinks hold. Setting up the business with such findings is a risk.

SWOT analysis


Several opportunities exist for the company. The unique flavour of the product makes it outdo other companies. With the discovery of the need to lead healthy lives, most people are entering the market of smoothie products. More to these the existing market is loyal to the product which gives the motivation to produce the product.


There exist companies which produce similar products, bringing about competition.  The competitors are big companies who engage in extreme promotion activities which jolly smoothie might not be in a position to conduct. This also goes hand in hand with inadequate funds to accomplish the same.  According to Phillips (2016), Lack of enough funds also makes it hard to create a difference between the high and low-class customers since the products are within a similar range of quality and price.


The company has very creative and innovative employees who always help come up with effective marketing strategies. They also help come up with the unique packaging styles that attract customers. More to these the employees are well trained on how to market and produce the product.

The means of producing the product is unique; the recipe is of high quality. This enhances the taste and flavour of the product. The company has so far been able to create a good network with the customer which boosts the overall profit made.


The company often faces challenges in finances. The finances are very important in assisting with marketing and promotion.  The company, therefore, engages in very few promotional activities. If the company were to do more promotions the yield would be much more.  Another weakness that the company faces is the fact that its small size makes it challenging to cover large areas, unlike its competitors.


Phillips, M. (2016). An evaluation of the feasibility of setting up a mobile smoothie and juice bar, to attend outdoor events across the South of England (Doctoral dissertation, Cardiff Metropolitan University).


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