Compare and Contrast Christianity to Judaism

The instructor is requesting 10 slides to be used
for the presentation. Please make the slides vibrant with color. I contacted customer support and was told that 2 slides equal 1 page so I ordered 5 pages. The presentation has to be a minimum of 10 minutes. You can affix a video that’s 1-2 minutes about the topic in the beginning of the presentation. If not that’s ok, we could get extra points if we add it but it’s not required. The presentation has 3 parts.
1. Compare and Contrast Christianity to Judaism- Give some background about the two religions but use these topics to compare and contrast- Marriage and Divorce/the roles women play in these religions/Groups and sect- compare Protestants to Hasidic Jews- how they view Marriage/marital sex
2. Address how Christianity and Judaism have affected American attitudes and practices in reference to marriage and divorce and the roles women play.
3. Address how Christians and Jewish beliefs and teachings about marriage and divorce and the roles women play have influenced me. This is a personal slide. I’m a divorced, single mother and Christian so you can use some bible scriptures pertaining to marriage and divorce.
Please include a final slide with for the Bibliography page. Please use my current textbook as one of the references Smith, Huston – The World’s Religions, my professor- Cross, James – Assistant Professor of Theology, Saint Leo University and a minimum of one more reference but it must be a scholarly source. You can use another one but please no more than four or five sources. Thank you I know it’s going to be great!!

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