Compare and contrast Pilger with Hathaway.

Please see the attached instructions- the total assignment is to be 9 pages not including the title and reference page.
Assignment: Commentary on Pilger

There are two parts to this assignment.

Book: Freedom Next Time by John Pilger

Summer Snow- by – William T. Hathaway

Part one 6 pages : Choose one chapter from the book Freedom Next Time and write an essay. Provide a summary of the contents of the chapter, outline the common themes, and then provide a discussion of your chosen chapter in the context of the main theme of this course, which is that sociology is the study of the world that we create. Ask yourself the question, how does approaching the topics of Pilger’s book from a sociological perspective help you to understand and contextualize the story he tells? Tell us what you think about Pilger’s story and be sure to use relevant themes from the course where appropriate, including concepts like power, socialization, gender, inequality, the social construction of reality, deviance, race and ethnicity, and so on.

Part two 3 pages – Compare and contrast Pilger with Hathaway. Although one is fiction and one is fact, many of the same themes are explored in both (Imperialism, violence, etc.). Highlight and explore the common themes you see in both.

The required sources are two books-

Summer Snow – William T. Hathaway

Freedom Next Time – John Pilger

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