Compare One Country’s Healthcare System to the U.S. Healthcare System

For this assignment, please review the article in your required readings in this module, “The Best Health Care System in the World: Which One Would You Pick?”. For this assignment, concisely discuss one country’s healthcare system and compare it to the U.S. system in two paragraphs. Discuss the type of healthcare system. Is it a single payer system? Does the country offer universal coverage? What is the cost to the average patient or family? Who pays for healthcare services, e.g. individuals, taxes? Who manages health insurance (private insurance companies, the government, individuals?)? What are the country’s health outcomes in comparison to the cost of care per individual?

Also, consider viewing the optional material in this module for additional information on your chosen country. Be sure to properly cite your references in APA or MLA format at the bottom of the assignment. The class resources module and your TAs can help with writing and citing.

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