Compare the language policy in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The following are the paper details and requirements:
1.EACH answer should be c.a. 500 words each; that is, min. 450 words, max. 650 words). This requirement must be met with a word count, which can be done on your word processor or by hand. Please explicitly write down the word count of each answer at the end of the answer.
2.This is not a research project, and you are NOT to search on the Internet to find answers.
3. You must refer to at least two course readings for each answer.
4.Do not use a font smaller than 11 point or larger than 13 point. Number the pages of
your answer. Make sure your name and student ID number are on all pages of your answer.
So, there are 3 short answer questions in total: 1. Compare and contrast. Please compare the language policy in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China (Chen, 1999 and Zhang, 2013) and answer the question: what are their similarities and differences? 2. Compare and contrast. Please compare the Modern Standard Chinese in Taiwan and in Mainland China (Chen, 1999,Zhang, 2013, and Kubler, 1979) and answer the question: how do the two standard varieties of Modern Standard Chinese related to and differ from each other? Why are there differences between the two standard varieties? 3. Please read the following paragraph from an essay:“Language and gender are mutually influential. On the one hand,speakers of different genders use language differently to fit their communicative and socializing needs; on the other hand, language helps create and reinforce gender differences. Speakers of different genders can be said to have different sets of expectations and different means of accessing language.” Please comment on this paragraph using concepts, arguments and examples from the readings (Moser, 1997, Yan 2008, and Zhang, 2007).

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