Comparing Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Comparing Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

There has been a great war going on between the superior of the two operating systems. Windows 10 has garnered popularity since its inception and has numerous advantages over the latter. We are going to delve on its improvements over the previous edition, regarding special hardware or software required for upgrading and the reasons I recommend upgrading to it.


Windows ten has a new user interface (UI) which is more user-friendly than the previous edition. The new UI brings back the old start menu which aids the user in easier navigation of the desktop and the installed applications. Even though it uses the tiles concept as 8.1, it is more intuitive and customizable.

For those who are fans of virtual assistants, Windows 10 has an added feature known as ‘Cortana.’ The feature offers similar features as “IOS’s Siri’ but now in a fully-fledged operating system (Fadelli & Collins, 2016). This makes searching much easier, and one can schedule search queries in case one is not connected to the internet. It is also integrated seamlessly into the applications that you can use voice command to operate some of them.

Both operating systems have support for the new basic input-output system termed unified extensible firmware interface UEFI, but Windows 10 is well optimized for the feature offering better and quicker boot times, efficient driver optimization and performance tweaks (Fadelli & Collins, 2016).

Windows ten is coupled with a new set of advanced tools for developers and entry-level users. More commands have been enhanced and added giving users flexible and vital tools to use in troubleshooting and development.

Regarding security, Windows ten has beefed up these features by the introduction of biometric and two-factor verification in a feature termed ‘Windows hello’ (Fadelli & Collins, 2016).

It is quite terrific and easy to use and can incorporate other technologies such as cameras to sign you in automatically. Facial recognition is not a new feature, but Windows ten makes it stand out.

For graphics, the new improvement in the graphics application programming interface offers extensive flexibility and turbo. Since Windows is the most preferred platform for developers, this feature influences excellent results in graphics intensive applications. This also allows for better driver optimization leading to better hardware and software communication and utilization.

Windows ten improved on the multitasking feature and added multiple desktop elements and snapping tool to it. Switching between the open Windows is quite comfortable using mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Unlike in Windows 8.1, programs in Windows 10 do not launch in full screen reducing nuisance in case one has opened up various Windows (Fadelli & Collins, 2016).

Most of these improvements do not require a lot of specialized hardware and software to be installed. The software that is crucial to install include; operating system updates, features from previous builds to support older software. Special hardware is not required unless for highly specialized tasks such as graphics-intensive purposes where you have to purchase graphics cards that perform better with the new software.

I recommend the school to upgrade the computer lab to benefit from these new improvements being offered by Windows ten. The first reason that I advocate for this change is the flexibility and security of the software. It promises weekly and monthly updates and security patches and users will have the ability to download them easily to improve the performance of their systems.

The second reason is the seamless integration with existing computer hardware and the ability to automatically upgrade while retaining the user’s preferences, settings, and files.

To sum up; both systems have their pros and flaws, and the choice to upgrade is up to the user, but in my expert opinion, Windows ten is a sure recommend to everyone seeking performance, cross-compatibility, and efficiency across their devices.


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